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  • 19 Ocak 2014, Pazar 03:56

Theatre of Love Knows No Barriers

Theatre of Love Knows No Barriers
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Launched in Paladoken Mentally Handicapped Youth Center, has seen great interest in theater studies.

Erzurum news:  Launched in Paladoken Mentally Handicapped Youth Center, has seen great interest in theater studies.
in Erzurum social activities for people with disabilities continues in full swing. Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped Paladoken as a result of the joint efforts of Mentally Handicapped Youth Center Theatre Group has been created. Murat Theatre and Folk Dance instructor courses started by Kotanoğl work of theater team has already seen great interest. Youth and Sports Ministry of Erzurum Youth Services and Sports City Directorates Disabled Bus with ripped from their homes to their homes left disabled citizens, with this study and socialize both in theater and folk dance hobby live happy lives. Paladoken Ramadan Youth Center Director Kelek, Youth Leaders in line with the work they have done theater work began to show his team forward with the process to be made in the fruits of their work will be exhibited on the stage play and said he would give. Ramadan Kelek,"City Manager Süleyman Arısoy disabled and disadvantaged children with the support of our work then we will,"he said. Activities are very important for youth workers to be made indicating that the Youth Center Director Ramadan Paladoken Kelek, they received the duties and responsibilities of youth leaders stressed that it is important. The team will take theater classes on Wednesdays, Thursdays Folk Dance Instructor Khalil Erzurum regional folk dances accompanied by Yazicioglu will receive training. The theater group in the formation of labor with Yasser Taşkesenlioğlu and Euphrates Altınok,"We in the field working we enjoy. Erzurum weather conditions in spite of the cold air disadvantaged or not something for young people to do the happiness we are in. Executives our have given their support with the better work we aim to do,"he spoke . Mental Retardation Association President Seconds Eğilmez of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Süleyman Arısoy and colleagues thanking"our government in recent years for Disabled groups have given their support because of the home solar condemned to see our children now doing sports youth centers activity takes advantage of. Hopefully, every person has a candidates with disabilities with the idea that everyone's perspective changes with disabilities,"he said.

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