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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:15

Theft on the Gallipoli Peninsula

Theft on the Gallipoli Peninsula
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From the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park occurred in foreign monuments and tombs investigation into the burglary in progress .

Çanakkale news: Eceabat Governor Nurettin Hang in there, they do evaluations by the Australian Consulate , said the event had reached the conclusion that the absence of any political direction. Photo Eceabat Governor Nurettin Dayan , located within the district boundaries , he said foreign cemeteries and memorials in the first time such an event occurred . They reached the conclusion that the absence of any political direction of the event and they rated Consulate Australia said Governor Hang on, \"Bear in 26 of Lone Pine , Anzac Cove , Anzac, Sharapnel Valley, Corntnell Steevs Post, Quins Post, The Neck and Chunk Bair bronze found in the foreign cemetery made 8 presentation plate with 1 map , was stolen removed from a metal material used and where . If on October 27 worth about 300 pounds from Cahide Basaran person named bench souvenirs, Growing is the hard-owned food stalls were found to play a large number of cans . October 29 date in the Merin Gargili owned souvenir stalls 10-15 thousand pounds worth of stolen gift Nevin Kınalı Ayaz of the average value of five thousand pounds from the counter items. 2 bronze entrance can be found at Anzac Cove ceremonial area on October 30 promotion board with'ANZAC'written letters and metal Ataturk relief in the left corner of Anzac removed inscription was stolen . Following the events gendarmerie teams upped their patrols day and night. To arrest the perpetrators of all the facilities were mobilized , \"he said .

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