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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:11

Theme Grows with Voluntary Student Gediz

Theme Grows with Voluntary Student Gediz
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Gediz district of Kütahya , operating since 1996 TEMA ( Turkey Combating Soil Erosion , for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Resources ) Foundation is increasing the number of volunteers with students.

Kütahya news: Photo TEMA Gediz Volunteer District Coordinator Abraham Başoğol , said recently that they drew attention to the increase in the number of volunteers spoke as follows:Photo especially in our schools, \"this class of students is TEMA Volunteers \"gain social awareness events and sensitivity gratifying formed . As of now , our volunteers in the Gediz has close to 400 supporters . Our schools , the Ministry of Education and TEMA is distributed posters and educational materials prepared by co-operation. Are made from time to time in the educational nature of representation and the presentation of the documentary . In this regard foundation supporting our first District Education our manager , our principals , including Ahmet Aydın and all teachers and name can count all of our volunteers , scuba to be planted in different regions of our Gediz'i in the framework of Forest Week activities , our seedlings promising Forest Management Director for their support Nurettin Dağdelen to we are .
first week of November, \"Acorn Collection Event\"will be held . In addition, between 17-23 November \"Erosion Control Week Events \"in the framework of \"Respect Earth Walk \"will be organized. Event date and place is also to be reported , we would like to thank everyone that will support their participation . Photo also made ​​coordinated by the Gediz Council and carried out \"waste paper, glass and plastic \"collection centers, recycling and made to minimize the nature of damage too stating that one of the positive projects , all nature lovers I especially wish to give support to this project. Photo All these works next to me constantly , regardless of the concept of carrying out overtime TEMA Gediz district Responsibility Board Member of Cavite Cengiz and Day thank Yellow Gediz behalf THEME I know debt .
\"The easiest way to be beneficial to humanity planting saplings saying\"the public nature for our future and I invite all to go with green. Everything is green Gediz, everything green for Turkey. \"


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