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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:45

Then the police assassination in Bingol

Then the police assassination in Bingol
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Bingöl Police Chief Atalay Ürker organize the assassination of martyr after two police were killed in clashes with the PKK in Diyarbakir was brought to the funeral of Ramadan Özmaskan .

Diyarbakır news: At the entrance of the city who want to get a funeral dbp'li debate took place between the police . Police , DBP Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Zübeyde Emerald to \"serhildans new we learn from you , we fragmentation of Turkey that the first of us will learn ,\"he said .
In Bingöl last day Provincial Police Director Atalay Ürker a PKK by a group assassination arranged in the assassination of Ürkün located next to the wounded survived Citations Deputy Police Chief Huseyin Sahin Hatipoğlu commissioner had been killed . After the assassination operations carried out in the region 4 PKK 's dead seized. Operations killed in PKK of Diyarbakir population registered Ramadan Özmaskan funeral autopsy after the Diyarbakır has been sent.
POLICE POSSIBLE against an attack wearing a vest was
today at noon Diyarbakir Elazig road dbp'l funeral convoy took a group of Yenikoy wanted to take Cemetery . Taking extensive security measures surrounding a possible attack against the DBP with police wearing body armor President Zübeyde Emerald City has been under discussion between the short-term . Diyarbakır Security Directorate of Security Branch Manager Lutfi flowers, funeral of coming to meet so many were surprised to be told . Flower, \"politicians that embrace the work to be surprised and do regret . Our conversations have time , martyr us , our conversations have time . 4 months every day you come face to face we have .'s Very kind , polite way solution process me because never in this way you have not seen . Steel vest , helmeted , gun stock condition , please talk let me , for 4 months you're talking. now our conversations have time because the martyrs of our martyrs . Bingol massacred in my brothers, our colleagues , our brothers , 250 thousand people now in my speech and listen behind me . now you'll say , funeral 75 meters down the road taking us accompanied our absolutely convoy siren , any sign, the terrorist organization symbolizes nothing not want to see . Ola at the time will be stopped and the intervention will be . serhildans area you teach us be sure . us, you the Republic of Turkey disintegration of that , the destruction that we can teach you \"he said.
while another police officer, \"do not show premium over the funeral convoy to pick up here. Here a moment ago , this business can not afford to go anymore. Do not tolerate patience is not in , \"he said .
Short-term tension after the convoy , police determined the way Yenikoy Cemetery arrived .
Ramadan Özmaskan funeral, extensive security measures under the defnedilirk , the group without incident broke .

Then the police assassination in Bingol" comments for.


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