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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:01

Therefore Farmers took a break from Showers in Edirne October

Therefore Farmers took a break from Showers in Edirne October
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Edirne is a week torrential rain continued at regular intervals, caused a break in the cultivation of cereals cultivation farmers .

Edirne news: Photo Edirne Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Cengiz indefatigable in his statement , said that a week in Edirne prevent winter sowing of continued heavy rains at regular intervals. Voicing let pass the winter sowing of farmers Precipitation indefatigable , \"no rain next week. Our farmers will continue their winter sowing their looks . They did in early October last year our farmers. But he raised early October fungal diseases. This year's late planting due to torrential downpours. Improvement in Air with our farmers will continue quickly from where they left the plantation . in general this year Edirne 400 thousand acres of wheat are expected to be planted. this year but 20 percent wheat sowing took place due to rainfall . Edirne has extremely important in terms of agriculture. in our region have begun sowing cereals as of this month . but a week caused a break in the cultivation of our torrential rain farmers continued at regular intervals. currently our farmers are waiting to dry the fields they have planted . Our farmers after the improvement of air will do the planting again the field , \"he said .
\" RIVER FLOW HIGH \"< br/> Edirne Chamber of Agriculture President Cengiz tireless this year, the flow of the Tunca and Meric river to be too high , \"to be abundant precipitation caused our rivers compared to last year, with the flow rate are very high, which indicates that we deal with flooding in the coming days . Tunca River flow of 125 cubic meters per second , while the Evros River flow of 900 cubic meters per second today. Be stored in the soil is of great importance in abundant precipitation and summer products. Such as sunflower and corn , \"said the statement .
Warns farmers to use certified seed Chamber of Agriculture President Cengiz indefatigable , he said couples should also make sure to soil analysis.

Therefore Farmers took a break from Showers in Edirne October" comments for.


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