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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 10:47

Thesis was the subject of the Galatasaray Love

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Galatasaray fans club and its commitment to the use of licensed products habits, Yasar University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Research Fellow Metehan İğneci was the subject of the master's thesis .

İzmir news:
famous sports site bleacherreport According to the report'the world's team himself the most devoted fans'ranking 4th place in the Galatasaray fans thesis prepared for the survey, the responses , the clubs future marketing strategies shed light on .
Supervisor Assoc. Dr. Call Mustafa Bulut and research assistants working with readers of Metehan İğnec , Fenerbahce and Besiktas fans also examines. 3 academicians, shortly after 3 big fans of'dedication to the team and the use of the licensed products'aims to make a comparison .
Yaşar University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration Lecturer Assoc . Dr. Call Cloud consulting İğnec Metehan of his research assistants , graduate thesis, \"Galatasaray fans club products licensed clubs the effect of adherence to \"viewed . In Turkey, 600 million euros upcoming football economy's size recently as 1 billion euros is expected to reach stating Metehan İğnec , \"the purpose of our study , proponents of the psychological commitment , clubs and licensed products, the impact of this commitment is so important that the show and the clubs'marketing strategies recommendations for was to demonstrate . Galatasaray supporters , social media outlets , using questionnaire we sent . surveyed 627 people, the vast majority , products further , while at the same time be in favor of consciousness due to the bench to contribute a requirement that they considered , \"he said .
in Europe licensed club product sales leadership in the Real Madrid and Manchester United at the hands of expression that Metehan İğnec , \"the two-club shirts in the sale of 1.5 million units threshold top . Galatasaray last 2 seasons at various stages of the Champions League rivals Arsenal and Chelsea , which sells products and over 850 thousand units . Most of the products they sell sports club in Turkey , in parallel with clubs in other European countries form . According to data from 2013 , Galatasaray broke a record by selling 423 thousand units jerseys , 410 thousand Fenerbahce , Besiktas jersey has sold about 250 thousand . In recent years, the hegemony of the past two seasons Fenerium came to compete in the value . Nevertheless, the current market value Fenerium , GS Store and Eagle over Sockets . Another issue ads and jersey chest agreements with manufacturers . Given Deloitte's Money League , the first time this year, said the presence of two teams from Turkey . But we're behind our competitors in the European arena . Manchester United's agreement with sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is quite remarkable. Receivables of $ 128 million annually from Adidas , jerseys 63.3 million euros in revenue from advertising in the chest there . Third largest of the uniform manufacturers earned money , this figure only 5 One chest advertisements proceeds European arena lag far behind , \"he said .
Turkey market tax external revenues also a great space-saving trade in counterfeit products , especially the big clubs the lives of grossly frequently observed that they stressed İğnec , the \"Our study also saw the self-club psychologically feel connected to the crowd , products Galatasaray's official store sprang from a bank contribution they aware . In short, a real punters , football audience distinguishes one of the licensed product purchase endeavors can say , \"he said .
100 thousands spectators have Goztepe and Karsiyaka as Izmir clubs to win, revenues or need to possess a brand value remained below the voicing İğnec , \"the year 2013 as Goztepe 65 thousand 300 items sold at the summit , while arch-rival Karsiyaka 11 thousand product second , Altai seven thousand 500s third , Bucaspor the supplied 570 thousand in the fourth . Yet at the beginning of the season was licensed products store opens Gold is trying to find its place in the market . Forman similar case in advertisements . Goztepe breast advertised Almazan, Karsiyaka to match each individual with ads tactics involved , \"he Izmir football tables drew .
Yaşar University of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Education Members Assoc. calls cloud the sports marketing is no longer in its own area of ​​expertise , noting that \"Unfortunately, in Turkey, the league's brand value, broadcasting revenues and foreign teams made ​​with matches evaluated over the need for the national team , should the league , both teams is valued more than they actually have . Therefore, both off-site and on-site disappointments occur. Turkish football sector, although it may seem a large congested road that should be considered traditional and innovative activities must be considered . Who want to reduce the gap with competitors of our team , in fact almost the population of a small country with EU supporters , they should use a more active and effective obviously happening . Clubs , sports marketing , expanding into different markets, which is one of the perfect examples to follow Manchester United, for example, would recommend . The world in different countries of the advocacy cases the creation of the Asian market, the historical ties where the Turkic countries sporty investment , as well as awareness and corporate responsibility projects, player transfers and sports schools , and finding sponsors and the team due to new fans added in our clubs will help you \"he said .
-Galatasaray Football Club, I'm a supporter connected to strongly agree , 80 percent of respondents to the question said.
-Galatasaray Sports Club's achievements same when supporters of success as I see the question of the participants , 79 percent strongly agree replied .
-Fan is a group belonging to more than think that the question of the respondents , 62 percent strongly agree she replied.
-Subject Galatasaray when I knowledgeable would consider the question of the respondents , 85 percent strongly agree said.
-GS Store regularly pay a visit to the question of the respondents , 64 percent strongly agree replied .
-GS Store from the shop I question percent a 60 contributions were provided.
-Galatasaray Sports Club sells products quality in-service balance to please me in Turkey and other sports clubs , compared with a much better seem to question the 86 percent yes, the statement said.
-my friends or their children a sense of Galatasaray is gratifying to licensed products and 73 percent answered yes to the question was given .

Thesis was the subject of the Galatasaray Love" comments for.


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