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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:07

They keep the bonsai trees Sewer Pipe

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Narcotics police in Istanbul , organized in three separate counties.

İstanbul news: Into the sewer pipe in the raid on a house in Bağcılar'a hidden bonzai seized , suspects detained in operations in Avcılar'a , \"My son is sick , I started selling drugs for money his medicine\"has learned. Combating Photo İstanbul Police Department Narcotics Crime Branch teams as Bağcılar'a casino was closed on a tip they received while operating raided a house . During the operation , the air conditioner into the house sewer pipe hidden inside with 39 grams bonzai seized three guns hidden . In operation, R. A., S. E. , C. T. and HO taken into custody. It was learned that the suspects have records of the police from a number of offenses. Photo narcotics police , in an operation they make another house in Kuştepe prepared to be distributed to drug dealers and the over 10 , 20 , 30 and written in the 50 tariffs 703 grams bonzai where thousands were seized. In operation, K. A. and F. T. taken into custody. Transactions completed in the police detained the suspects in two separate operations , KE, FT and S. E. was arrested by the court were taken . Photo Hunters Ambarlı In the operation against the sale of a home in a state of 292 grams of cocaine , 99 grams of heroin were found in the money derived from drug and £ 735 thousand . In operation, N.Ç. , L.T. and H. T. possession of drugs and crime to sell , FSK, MS and was detained on charges of drug use in patients with GAD . N.Ç. that owns the drug , in his statement to police , \"I came two years ago in Istanbul. This new work I started . My son is sick , I started to sell drugs to his drug money \"he revealed .

They keep the bonsai trees Sewer Pipe" comments for.


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