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  • 20 Eylül 2013, Cuma 15:57

Thieves can not escape from this camera!

Thieves can not escape from this camera!
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International Security and Fire Exhibition opened at Istanbul Expo Center (ISAF), several new products were showcased. Motion sensor security camera recognized by the body temperature of people who did not escape attention.

THIEVES can not escape from this camera!

movable relative to the body temperature will decrease theft with the camera said. Camera images can be viewed on the mobile phone from one region to another.

ISAF prepared a special design to prevent theft fair citizens of security cameras draw much attention. A lot of interesting products from one of the exhibition is that of the product.

specially designed anti-theft security cameras Bilal company representative stating that the events of great interest in terms of blocking Eagle, introduced a motion sensor camera. Eagle, 'that people who own homes with the SIM card inside the building, going on vacation. When someone starts to work the camera sensor activated by entering their homes. All the video and audio recording to the card in the camera running their own. If the calling party can watch the SIM card in it. No matter where in the world all the images in the device can track a cell phone or any other place outside the house. If instructed to withdraw from the house except for the occasional images of this programming this device periodically sending a message to the owner of the house again, pulling images. This product may be followed by staff, theft or may not be followed by the control of children's lives could be normal. What time does the come home from school or leaving your home can be used in detection. 'He told the camera's operation system.

Eagle that has been designed specifically for use in the field of intelligence, the world's smallest camera that works with your SIM card is that video and audio receiver module . AT THE SAME TIME BARRIER movable


Safety Fair is another remarkable product, capable of moving at the same time was 20 hydro-electric barrier. Serdar general manager of the company that produces barrier Order, a world first argued that the barriers. Order a security mechanism constitutes an important record of the product,"Electronic card and connected to the administration panel, one of the 20 hydroelectric barrier mushrooms have developed a system that can download the uninstall command. Our products are used in both civilian applications, as well as anti-terrorism applications. Civil create applications with tool-less with increasing urban transformation hydroelectric power at the same time for mushroom barriers need to come down at the same time. This system is raised and lowered at the same time with a single command. system can be used effectively against terrorist attacks."he said.

Thieves can not escape from this camera!" comments for.


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