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  • 19 Temmuz 2013, Cuma 16:15

Think again when you click on this link!

Think again when you click on this link!
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Using a credit card is very important warning citizens!


Cyber ​​Crime Branch Police Department, the internet search sorgulama'ibaresi motorlarına'kredi card debt is written on the screen and links aimed at people who reported that credit card information being compromised. Who comes to visit the website of the owner's name and surname kişilerden'kart ',' credit card number ',' expiration date 'information security kodu've'kredi card şifresi'gibi requested the statement, he said:

"in question, which is false in evaluating websites as a result of the completion of forms, and web sites are being used as backdrops for their credit card details at the same time due to the running system units and so on. loading sites, card holder knowledge and consent of the installation operations for amounts other than those experiencing victimization understood."

made the following warnings to citizens encounter any such grievances:

- Internet internet banking using the browser's address bar citizens by banks provide access to enter your address information.

-entered the security certificates are checked banks or shopping sites, shopping sites should not be made without the security certificate.

-Internet banking, credit downloads, bill payments, etc. the actual sites of transactions should be done.

-Mail addresses gelen'internet banking pierce mails güncelleyin'şeklindeki information.

-date anti-virus software on computers with Internet banking must be found.


Think again when you click on this link!" comments for.


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