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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 15:09

Third World Women Choppers

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In 2012 at the World Karate Championships in Paris , the third Women's National Team Kumite , he repeated the same success in Bremen .

İstanbul news: Spain was washed name received critical win the world champion Sarah Ozcelik last game. World Seniors , held in Bremen, Germany Photo successful results of the national athletes in the Karate Championship continued in recent days. Third match in Spain managed to beat the average score Kumite Women's National Team, won the bronze medal by repeating its success in Paris 2012 . This category includes Egypt, France became World Champion by defeating 2-0. In another third fight in Japan, was the owner of the bronze medal after beating Russia 2-0. Photo SPAIN WITH bruising Photo Women's National Team Kumite , Spain opposite Sarah Ozcelik, Meltem Hocaoğlu Tuba has staff consisting of struggle and collar. Debut in the breeze Hocaoglu, Cristian Vizcanio Gonzalez'l stayed 0-0 . Then Tuba Yakan, Irene stood Costa Colomer . After 74 seconds of punches that hit at the same time brought one point to two athletes . The end of the month once again fight scenario was repeated 64 seconds left and the score came to 2-2 . Go to the end to the Costa's balance in the fight early going broke punched her to stay 16 seconds and the second won the match 3-2 Spanish karate . Photo TRIBUNE SERAP ÖZÇELİK BROUGHT Photo World as Champion one day before Serap Ozcelik performing a first in his career , the last day in the Women's tatami out to remove the podium Team Kumite . Successful karate fight began cautiously in the face of Laura Palacio Gonzalez, upped the tempo to stay bitime 1.5 minutes. The top four punches hit the opponent last Ozcelik 4-0 forward , end more severe and long-Gonzalez gave three points to stay 25 seconds from him . Four seconds after hitting a punch than state that the national karate 5-3 , was able to maintain the lead until the end of the fight . Photo Female Kumite National Team athletes have experienced great joy at the end of the fight . Turkey Karate Federation President Assad Delihas who also celebrated coming athletes and coaches to the edge of the tatami . Photo MEN KATA TEAM WORLD WAS FIVE Photo recent days that the third match of the morning session Male Kata National Team, Malaysia'or fifth in the world was defeated 4-1 . Bremen Hardworking Armstrong made ​​a big splash by beating world champion Japan, Orçun Smoke and Ali performance in the team bronze match consisting of Sofuoğlu'nu lost the chance medals thick behind the opponent . Photo MEN kumite team took the bronze medal Photo Germany, which hosted the 22nd World Karate Championships, Men will then followed by Team Kumite finals. Male Kumite Team represented among the favorites for the Photo Championship , the second day faced host the ultimate arbiter of disasters in recent years in the face of Germany result had lost the gold medal.
second of the 2012 World National Team in Paris , with time 16.15't to Turkey , Egypt will struggle in the face for the world third.

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