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  • 30 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 11:03

This film had two half not a whole

This film had two half not a whole
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Culture and Tourism Ministry and given support by the General Directorate of Cinema \"Half \"from the filming of the movie was completed in Muğla Ula .

Muğla news: Culture and Tourism Ministry and given support by the General Directorate of Cinema \"Half \"from the filming of the movie was completed in Muğla Ula . Aydogan Nurhak undertaken by the sword Çağıl directed film starring 13-year-old Serhat Yigit is taking ECA with Tatay .
living in Malatya 13-year-old girl's dowry and after taking 35-year-old mentally handicapped with one marriage which involves the film's director Çağıl Nurhak Aydogan Sword , grew up in Izmir as one of the Aegean know well that the family Oriental because East's well aware of the structure , he said. Sword, \"I starting from two to unite the world actually wanted . World because I say between east and west are huge differences . Experiences , sensory concept in terms of a difference. These two wanted to combine . Child bride story is progressing through the film . Different cultural expression there , but child brides want to say , \"he said .
child marriage happiness in even this criticism stating that the sword , said:
\"child brides after marriage happy, even if it necessary to criticize . we film our perceptions are critical . we become a follower perceptions are critical . we just die , they commit suicide ethical in or raped when child brides should not say that . that's why the particular film of the story of the girl in a hot environment have brought . necessarily raped and or his wife getting beaten , but life from the inside looking at this incident beauty even in is ugly want to explain . \"
film in January for release stating Sword, film festivals about the concept prepare said that .
'Salih'character, a 35-year-old mentally disabled person who plays the lead actor Serhat Yigit, the film's very inclusive story that contain stressed. A disabled child with the parents'concern about the film had stated that they Yigit, \"In general, the whole family in common is the idea that ,'we die and what will happen then our child ?'He. Children's center will stay , would be wasted with the idea of ​​girls Sapling Salih'l to the marrying up . 13-year-old girl, woman before marriage is introduced. Saleh also 35 years old, although the 7-8 year-old child with the mind . they both stories half . two halves of a whole, does not the whole half of the story-telling a good movie , \"he said .
13-year-old'Saplings'starring in the role of ECE Tatay reamer is the Diyarbakir Diyarbakir child bride but not uncommon , he said. Tatay , \"More Mardin and other parties going on in the . I play this role, I'm fine by me because the families of child brides in the stop thinking required. Our film the whole family should set an example ,\"he said .
Muğla Ula in finished shooting for the film Ulan Tradesmen Chamber President Kemal Ozcelik all that have contributed to the beginning of the film crew is coming. Film crew from the local municipality moral support never even stated, Ulan Chamber President Ozcelik, \"Muğlamız recently series and film crews flocked to . Region of our presentation, traditions and customs to the big screen and colored glass to be reflected in full when the center of gravity is going on . Room we had here as will be all kinds of artistic activities and our strength as much as we are willing to give support to the extent permitted , \"he said .

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