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  • 04 Ocak 2013, Cuma 08:01

This time, a mysterious fire in a house in Ankara!

This time, a mysterious fire in a house in Ankara!
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After news of the mysterious fire that occurred recently in Siirt urban district of Ankara there was a similar case.

Ankara 's Knight persons aged Bahcelievler family house in the neighborhood of merchandise at various intervals burn 10 times a day has led to fear and anxiety. Indicating that they were helpless in the face of this situation the family with 4 children in their homes permanently fire due to the release noted that they were keeping guard day and night.

mother Ayşe Knight, daughter of Nur İleyda unable to sense where the mysterious fire, said:"The bed, bathroom bulkhead, work desk, towels, robes was a fire in many places, such as. Featured fires Notification shouting at my daughter do we put on. daughter went upstairs neigbhour the fire broke out in the sink. Again, we went to a relatives house, there was a fire. then we realized that my daughter has an uncanny situation. This situation came up last week in Siirt, a school and We keep the same mysterious fires in the home. demons believe çıkarttığına these fires,"he said. The father, Jawad Knight kahvecilik face of this situation in the district were keeping constant guard, his eyes did not fall sleep at all that they had to collect a large part of the house and belongings, he said. İleyda family's youngest daughter Nur, the"fire walls and doors at a time When the lights are striking. Is very short. Then he leaves traces. I'm so scared because of continuous,"he said.

Knight family, relatives, indicating no sleep slept Bediha Aktas,"as well as maybe the building will burn the house put out a fire broke out. would lead to greater dangers. This is a big problem, do not know how to be solved,"he said. Ventilation, fire brigade was called to the fire in the same way that space Kemal Aktas relatives, the"wait and turns, trying to stay awake. İleyda'yı not leave you alone. Alone when fire breaks out strong. Worried and scared look,"he said.


This time, a mysterious fire in a house in Ankara!" comments for.


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