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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 08:16

This Time It fell to police Scams Trap

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Fraudsters who want gold at home with money in the bank by calling a woman in Malatya case informed the police arrested and detained edilince established trapping .

Malatya news: Photo events taking place in Malatya centers developed as follows ; A. K. employees in the workplace a female caller says , convinced that women with various accusations led to the bank branch to withdraw 600 euros in the bank . Ş.A.K. while trying to go to the bank , might be scams to another friend of events beside anticipating 155 reported cases to the police by calling . Public Security Branch on a Photo Notice pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau teams went to the flow moving quickly . In the meantime, I want to call the person calling the cops EC itself . Scams party , ladies Koyunoglu into putting a money to be drawn from the gold and bank at home bags neighborhood in Koyunoglu wanted to drop next to an empty plot in Cami'n . Photo Scams this request prepared by police teams newsprint on bag of tricks to leave the location desired by the EC asked . Women's bag of tricks while leaving an empty plot, police had hidden the surrounding at various points.
After a while, an empty person came pouch area of land , caught in police teams chase results .
Getting suspicious person in custody , the difference he stole the mobile phone insisted edilince it was determined that the caller's incident was the second suspect and accomplice. Police teams as soon as the second suspect to be caught while trying to flee to Sanliurfa in the village garage events into action . Photo of successful operation of the Public Security Department detained both fraud suspects . Photo Event also takes an investigation into the unexplained suspicious names .

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