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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:56

This will look great in city Sewn

This will look great in city Sewn
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Planted Municipality, Erdal Inonu Stadium has launched an intensive study to be modernized .

İzmir news: Planted Municipality, Erdal Inonu Stadium has launched an intensive study to be modernized . Environmental Protection and Control Department with the completion of the work initiated by the European norms will have new grass ground state , to be given to the service of amateur sports clubs in the district .
Standing in the district of Izmir, the protocols signed in 2006 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Standing granted the right to use Erdal Inonu Stadium was taken care of . Planted by the municipality taken care Erdal Inonu Stadium , Environmental Protection and Control Directorate's expert team first thing in the state ground in European standards with a lawn to make the stadium floor complete care taking ground drainage system started to work .
Study end of the year will be completed expressing Standing Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Manager Landscape Architect month Universe , \"President Mustafa Tosun, our youth vices removed sports activities to direct and young people to play sports on the front of the removal of barriers pays much attention . us by our Directorate chairman Mustafa Tosun instruction we started working with the district's most major sporting field Erdal Inonu Stadium in care have received . Positions on the floor drainage, infrastructure , irrigation lines, electricity, fertilizers and drugs along with seeding the work we do . study our scheduled time before you can finish . done stage with the completion of our district professional match even Oynanabileceği standards field grass with a stadium will have our young people face and refurbished with high quality environments will be given the chance to play sports , \"he said .

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