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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:35

Those who died in the accident Pets Soil

Those who died in the accident Pets Soil
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To collect apples from Konya Aksehir district who died in an accident on the way to the district of Isparta Gelendost 14 were buried .

Konya news: Photo Nasreddin Hodja Square after noon prayers at the funeral ceremony , Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu , district deputies , Konya protocol , joined relatives of those who died and the people of the district . Konya Provincial Grand Mufti Ali for those who died Akpinar after receiving helallik been made separately funeral prayer . Photo Kilian prayer after Eve Ceren, Reyhan Ceren Text Arslanalp , Eve Aktas, Ceylan Aksoy, Parents Can Steel , Gülseren Springs , Aysegul Karatas, Mihri castle , Helen castle , Sheriff Al, Diamond Steel , Amal Arslanalp , sharp bouquet of coffins on the shoulders of the square next to Nasreddin was taken to the teacher Cemetery in tears . Funeral mass prayer was held at the end of the process. Getting intense security measures in the county due to the ceremony , reportedly Akşehir District Municipality funeral home to eat treats sent by .
Yesterday morning to collect apples from Aksehir district in 07:00 leading workers to Isparta Gelendost district 47-year-old text Aslanalp used by 42 D 0881 plates, minibuses , Isparta Yalvaç township are characterized by village close to the driver's steering drain water fallen by the wayside as a result of losing the channel , 17 people died and 29 people were injured .

Those who died in the accident Pets Soil" comments for.


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