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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 16:07

Thousands of students read books at the same time

Thousands of students read books at the same time
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By the Municipality of Gaziantep Şahinbey 'My Loyal Half a good book Project' under the Sports Arts and Vocational Training Courses (ŞAHMEK) operating within the 43 thousand students studying social facilities at the same time read the book.

The event, organized primarily students with a clown hearts Şahinbey Park

fun. Showing the size of the competitions held in the children, sack and egg game game showcased their skills. Play Music with

exhibits thousand students studied books all together at the end of the contest. Reading a book, have been developing the minds of our children, 'Şahinbey In the summer we went to the Municipality of social facilities. There we learned the Koran, the book reading campaign was organized today. Our teachers are doing a picnic and friends come here and read the book at the same time. Haznemizi developing more developing minds and vocabulary books. We read this book over the summer. Be the occasion, we are preparing our school. Other than that, activities and competitions are organized. Gönlümüzce fun. Allowing us this opportunity to thank Şahinbey Beelediyesi'ne endless."He said.

Mehmet Sait Mark Surveying and guidance counselor at the children's education in various fields giving Şahinbey Municipality 43 Social Facility. Today we are engaged in book reading campaign. Thousand students read the book at the same time with our facility today. Children and friends as well as to give an example of the fact that reading a book alışkınlığı organize such events. Is not limited to just book reading event, where the children doing a variety of activities, competitions, and a picnic, making them entertainment."He said.

Thousands of students read books at the same time" comments for.


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