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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:46

Through the Eyes of a prosecutor New HSYK

Through the Eyes of a prosecutor New HSYK
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Independent candidate, former Prosecutor of the High Council of Free clerk Bursa rock , all closely related to the judicial community through the eyes of a prosecutor evaluated the High Council elections .

Bursa news: High Council of the newly elected members addressed the Prosecutor Rock, \"path of the righteous Fold , our dreams of justice have to exit . Because the Turkish people HCJP true justice is waiting. Come , justice ship everyone to invite , sea-wave sails Open .'s Our only hope and the presence reason we real justice. Prior future reference , \"he said .
Bursa Free clerk of the Public Prosecutor Rock ,'s this week's article, the High Council election results were evaluated. These choices , values, principles and common wisdom is choosing who wrote Prosecutors Rock, \"the High Council members law arising from the powers the most accurate and fair way for the use for the 4-year powers and judicial services license by selecting verdik.adil good and good deeds that you want for authorization and the license you received . more to do business there . Load your heavy responsibilities are great. selected option appreciation of , criticisms and suggestions of our best analyze and evaluate if they revealed, everyone benefits . nobody will not regret it . selected the High Council members, an independent and impartial judiciary will make every fair jobs applauded , and the appreciation will . incorrect and unfair transactions also criticized the will . religion, language, race, creed , political opinion, affiliation , ethnicity difference to everyone without any services that you will not doubt . Judicial disturbed the peace and labor peace rebuild is needed . justice , love, tolerance Please continue on the path . justice man guy always has been committed . Humble , inclusive, embracing and unifying your style believe it is important , and we appreciate , \"he has included .
Newly elected High Council members \"Parser outlook and views gives premium to curb basic task should be \"as warnings finds Prosecutor Kaya, article continued as follows . < br/> \"Judicial focus on non-judicial means of which the feet of the old habits games, rumors , to deceive , to be vigilant against the caliper and the trap is enough to look back . Taking them seriously , do not allow you to take controversial media . Your back in front of you and you should review those with you . There is no chance of falling into complacency . To remove the barriers to judicial much work must stop . The dignity of the judiciary and judicial community as everyone protects you if you will not forget . Judicial lasting only fair that they leave behind. Fair , principled and honest people will always win . You have added value to our culture and color of democracy and justice . You've managed to prove to us that everything together . Unless you are one and together we will always be with you . We will continue to support wholeheartedly . As a judicial officer would believe in you and trust . We're looking more hopeful future . Tomorrow will be better . Justice and love and respect you . You know the correct way to walk to continue. You are not alone . In our country, everyone is the guarantee of the independence of the judiciary . For the establishment and development of judicial independence struggle more than we expect . Turn on the path to justice , with our dreams of justice exit. Because Turkish people are waiting for true justice from the High Council . Come on, be sure to invite anyone to justice, ship , sails turn choppy sea . What our assets and our only hope is true justice . History is a reference to the future . \"

Through the Eyes of a prosecutor New HSYK" comments for.


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