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Tikad't in Sirnak Laboratory and Fitness Supplies

Tikad't in Sirnak Laboratory and Fitness Supplies
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Turkey Business Women's Association ( TIKAD ) , Sirnak soldier Secondary School and sports equipment have contributed to the laboratory .

Şırnak news: Turkey Business Women's Association ( TIKAD ) , Sirnak soldier Secondary School and sports equipment have contributed to the laboratory .
Şırnak Provincial Education Director Ahmet Alagöz , students better with the laboratories and develop in a healthy environment can be said. Science laboratories previously unavailable stated that the Alagöz , \"At the moment our students into service equipped booted available . Our students here in their own science courses relevant to their areas by doing various experiments visually as well as their jobs have seen things . So we are in a sense the laboratory in the following way we value . strawberry jam become perceived as we have to . And working here everyone involved really want to thank you . schools all the education, training slots. Our schools how much a decent environment education if they , in quality, I'm so high I believe that . physical environments, the quality of education is very large importance and value , the heli this physical infrastructure of our completed be we are glad. us Directorate of Education as our best all contributions that sense, our schools will provide. enough that they can function strive matter . us would they want us to support will continue, \"he said. Director of Secondary desired Sertkaya
soldier , sporting goods TIKAD stated that they had to apply for assistance . Sertkaya , \"They that our application assessed and only sporting goods and not with the school from a different angle also be helpful situations they asked . Themselves laboratory needs We discussed our . And them about it they can help , they said. Certain amount helping the lab, we have renewed . Laboratory of the students in terms of development , especially secondary schools our students'development of the world in terms of recognition, through life having everything aware of the changes in terms of being too is of paramount importance . because the whole thing by living are learning . their experiments , new things, explore their horizons are expanding . this is why a school lab a very important factor . TIKAD'thank a lot , because of the possibility that they offer us . us hope for our students to come to school then together with the help of a lot different than a lot nicer curves and beauty found in the efforts we make , \"he said .
Students Osman Bayram said, \"our school laboratory reinstatement was very upset . because the lesson here handle very difficult. National training with the contribution of this place is very good training center has become. very good here there have been improvements . us very happy. Good and quality to handle this very important lesson . place beautify Thank you so much to everyone , \"he said .
Students Tuba Atan , the \"thread of our better works in here. Vehicles , supplies have . teachers and support is happening to us . too happy. laboratory foreigner's over. Very clean laboratory have . national education and support to anyone with thank you very much ,\"he said .

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