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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 10:08

Time of experts to'Saving'Proposal

Time of experts to'Saving'Proposal
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Recent price increases with the increase of citizens and further tightening the belt Yasar University academics, to relieve pockets, explained the proposal will contribute to the household economy savings .

İzmir news: Photo Citizen's largest will be representing the heating costs of expenditure Yasar University Vocational School of Alternative Energy Resources Technology Program academics, housing in stating that it is possible to provide savings of up to 30 percent , offered suggestions . Photo in RESIDENTIAL 30 PERCENT sAVINGS POSSIBLE Photo Turkey pointed out that 33 percent of the energy used in buildings in academics, saving 50 percent on heating costs in buildings with insulation work will be recorded can be achieved . Academics, simple can be implemented by changing our daily habits in our homes, but summed up the effective other applications:Photo \"-opening of the winter season curtain of sunlight window curtains after going to the sun should be further utilization of the sun should be closed. Suitable curtain and welded heat from windows using double glazing losses can be reduced by 50 percent. Photo-front of the radiator and heater or on heat flow barrier appliances, curtains , linen should be placed . aluminum coated thermal insulation panels behind the radiators should be placed . Photo-laundry to dry on the balcony instead of a heater or radiator.
-for housing in heat value living room to 20 ° C and corridors to 22 ° C bedroom should be set to 18 ° C. can be achieved every 1 ° C in exchange for 6 percent fuel savings will be dropped . Photo-Electricity and fuel consumption low , environmentally friendly devices with high efficiency and low emissions should be preferred. must be energy-saving feature of the device. 1 per hour fuel consumption should be preferred at least . Photo-isolation of the device in boilers central heating and central should be good , choice of materials , engineering offices and should be done by an authorized service and technical experts.
-Your last hot water pipes from unheated areas should be isolated Photo-possible to get hot water , solar energy should be used \". Photo household sAVING ELECTRICITY Photo-Akk saving bulb and LED lighting or spot lighting should be preferred instead . Photo-used machine and should be considered to be electronic equipment power consumption level of the class or the higher energy level. a ++ class, a refrigerator consumes less energy close to 70 percent compared to the B class .
-use it if the equipment from the electrical outlet should be taken. Computers , television as instruments if they are closed will continue to spend energy if they pulled the plug even .
-so choosing the photocell your faucet over 50 water savings can be achieved . Photo-rather than hand washing dishes , choose the machine and put rinsing Do not run before the end of your washing machine. So lets 20 savings. Photo-Smart meters taktırarak draw from reduced electricity tariffs , especially where the power is reduced can be used appliances at night. Photo What can be done SAVINGS IN THE KITCHEN ? Photo More in home economics kitchen is efficient for saving recipe Yasar University Vocational School of Food Technology Program Coordinator Dr. Action Fadıloğlu melodies came from . Fadıloğlu saving suggestions were listed as follows:Photo-creating a weekly menu , you can do your food shopping by identifying your missing. So you do not pay extra for acting in this way needs direction.
-The grocery shopping , you can have a product with different options and chances of finding at different prices . Photo-cheese, meat , take what you need perishable products like fish and consume .
-more fresh fruits and vegetables from the weekly neighborhood market needs and are available in affordable way . You can purchase more affordable due to the fall in prices in the evening on Sunday . Photo-get satiated your tummy while the kitchen shopping , do not make unnecessary expenses. Photo-Ready food using fresh foods at home instead you can do both healthy and affordable food . < br/>-Suitable food cooking in the pressure cooker you do not lose the nutritional value but also saves both . Photo-bread should be taken according to the daily needs . Bread should be sliced ​​into a dining table , you can avoid throwing to be wasting the remaining parts of the beat abducted and garbage. Photo SMALLER ENGINE VOLUME VEHICLES AND PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SELECT Photo new year , a rate of 10.11 percent according to increase tax rates expected to be paid for the cars in the 1-3 age group in the 1300 volume of the cylinder motor vehicle tax (MTV) will increase to 591 pounds from 537 pounds. Cylinder capacity of up to 250 from £ 112 in motorcycles will be 102 TL. The highest MTV 1-3 age range and luxury vehicles with engine capacity of 4000 m3 and higher pay . This vehicle tax of 19 thousand 541 TL, will rise to 21 thousand 516 TL. Academics, and save the preference of vehicles with small displacement engines, unless it is necessary both in terms of environmental awareness , but also to reduce fuel costs , offered the choice of public transport to reduce carbon emissions . Photo GAS MOST EXPENSIVE ISTANBUL in the CHEAPEST IZMIR DE Photo on the other hand , the time of arrival of the first month of the current re-sale prices 2015 expected natural gas varies in 3 major cities. According to the applicable tariffs for households, the maximum fee pays for natural gas Istanbul . Istanbul residents , 1 cubic meter of gas 1, £ 182 Ankara 1, £ 176 Izmir residents paying the £ 1,109 . Moreover, according to the Chamber of Electrical Engineers calculations , new hikes , about monthly electric bill for a family of 4 persons 7 £ , £ 15 plus natural gas bill brings loads.

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