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SON Dakika

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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 17:33

\"Time was passing Twelve Five \"Narrative Poem was founded Author

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Tuncel Kurtiz famous film and theater in the life reads'five past twelve o'clock'end of the poem the author is Serkan , told founded .

Balıkesir news:
of his death 1 year referred to in Tunceli Kurtiz everyone's sweetheart that said Serkan end , \"the 13-year time since the late Kurt good ties of affection had . Everyone's lover, the father of all hearts, a friendly man. My'Time twelve five past'View my poem I had read . at that time the deceased when I believe it was so upset . because he anyone's heart does not break . came to us because us fans approach would have liked . But not approach could . If he feels called him was . , so feeling was . San than 40 years dostlarıymışça wrapped in was to the fans , each with conversations would . Photo taken was . Nobody fracture did not want to . Its like a human again in the future I do not believe . her only on certain days when , instead of the day of death , instead of loving it all the people all of the time and always cherish required. most recent death of a months ago. chat in the shop were saying. staying in the hotel next door to a customer he wanted to show his painting process . course he was tired. Were also high on the side walls of the hotel . He turned around .'My daughter is very tired, \"he said. Then we went to the shop . Listen to poetry , we chatted . I went out to go home . Then,'He let my daughter hearts , break'he said.'Breaks uk remain in me said'. Nobody would want to break him . You have the right of all who love him . Let us give her all the time , I would , \"he said .
\" should remain TOMB OF SUCH ACTION \"
Fly, \"I know he saw the tomb was made . I'm saying his grave flower garden . Was a man of incredible natural . Adopted a human life was simply amazing . Currently I see the tomb . Very sincere and very hot. Lovingly , tenderly welcomed and embraced . Very natural to be a modest grave , because he was a natural human . In this way naturally, you should stay away from gimmickry , \"he said .
Here the Kurds that poem of the poet's voice:
time , agony ,
Scorpio shearwater , among
could not go a step further than last night ,
months , to put up the light when shooting ,
Stars is drawn to the dark nook ,
Sadness, copper has been brewing in a teapot ,
And I, the last cigarette in my smoke in the traps was inside me ,
twelve o'clock five passed .
bread knife in the dilimleniy was my life ;
innocent , barefoot childhood ;
Hope from the brink of exceeding my youth ,
Great medium being knocked , thieves at the dinner table , my garden
dreams were looted ,
going to take share from each cut .
with all kimsesizliği ,
with all the despair ,
with all the nakedness , I was staying in the bosom of darkness ;
was cold , loneliness
was cutting ice from head to toe .
was five past twelve o'clock .
my teeth , dawn darkness in the chest while trying to remove ;
day was dawning my hair < br/> Phone wire, I was out of my
Ray ,
wagons were breaking one after another , I was swinging
a murder victim was driving , disguised
accident ,
tailor an unsolved death mowed down at the table ,
was nailed to a coffin .
was five past twelve o'clock .

\"Time was passing Twelve Five \"Narrative Poem was founded Author" comments for.


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