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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 12:47

"Tipping", does not mean Cleanliness

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Malatya Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, Professor at the Faculty.

Malatya news: Malatya Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Genghis Yakınc, the"trick"does not mean to say cleanliness, noting that"Tipping the moment we also spill out around germs and germ Any field that is becoming contaminated,"he said.
mouth wide range of microbes pointed out that the Yakınc, the"Our mouths wide variety of microbes carries. And the digestive system opened to the outside of a region. these regions microbes in Turkey is very common because of habit, 'trick' that we currently around, flashes, and Any field that is becoming germ-contaminated,"he said.
"has become a habit COMMUNITY"
Yakınc, the"Tipping"in the community to become a habit of saying, noting that"Our doctor friends, one of the restaurants an observation became. Diner knives and forks is placed, cleaning indicator, bags to turn officials into the bag is blown out. blown open by the bag into the spoon and fork is putting. Actually, such an application may not be pursuing clean internally. But at the mouth germs' tips saying 'throws you into. Faculty of Medicine, 4th grade a student, the needle has learned to do a course injector tip' trick 'he said. Needle sterile tip completely germ has become. in our society that have a habit. One student friend in our same habits continued and this the 'trick' the count rate had thought it would be clean,"he said.
mothers should also be careful in expressing Yakınc,"Mom, liars Pacifier sucking children's pacifier fell to the ground when the pacifier 'trick' they say, and will be cleaned they think. some mothers teats are taking and it further, take it pacifiers in their mouths are taking, at the mouth of the germs spout after spreading to children pacifiers are giving. This is done in a manner dangerous. Teeth The germs that cause decay, from mother to child's mouth going past. infectious disease, tooth decay passes from mother to child in this way. too can be prevented by simple measures,"he said.

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