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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:49

To change the tire plant was hit by a truck

To change the tire plant was hit by a truck
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Aydın-İzmir highway truck loaded with tomatoes driver changing a tire, causing the disaster measures.

Truck drivers who park

aside, as a sign 50 feet back, put a tire on an old plastic case. Installed on the left side of a tractor trailer truck of the night realizing, ousted Reaping. Highway, tomatoes and flour sacks disbanded. While there was injured in the accident could not be reached to drive the truck.

last night, looking in the direction in Izmir, Aydin 42 UD 922 plate installed on the truck's front tire tomatoes, Soke exploded near the junction. Attracting the driver side of the road, an old tire put on the plastic case as a precaution. Mehmet Sezer, who are looking in the same direction led 39 SV 761 TIR plate, crashed into a truck that I could not notice. Pupae, shattered the left side of the truck loaded with tomatoes TIR appraiser, 39 LL 861 dorsesiyle plate fell off. Accidental road, filled with tomatoes and flour sacks. While there was injured in the accident Tahir K. registered in the name of the truck driver could not be reached. The police did not find a study conducted in hospitals in case of injury. Tomatoes and flour sacks Highway officials did not disperse. Is a single lane of traffic on the freeway for hours after the accident.

To change the tire plant was hit by a truck" comments for.


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