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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:20

To go to a private school in Adiyaman Thousand 42 students Incentive

To go to a private school in Adiyaman Thousand 42 students Incentive
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Ozkan Saif Adiyaman Director of Education , 2014-2015 education season in his statement before the government will go to private school students encouraged to give 42 thousand , he said.

Adıyaman news: Adiyaman Director of Education Saif Ozkan , 2014-2015 education season ahead of his statement by the government to private schools to go ride 42 students encouraged to provide said.
The Ministry of Education by the private schools to read students will be given to education and training support from the Adiyaman thousand 42 students will benefit . Ministry of National Education , the 2014-2015 academic year in private schools in education to the students to two thousand five hundred and three thousand five hundred pounds in amounts ranging from support stating that Saif Ozkan , \"In this context , according to the provinces of education and training support will be given school types and levels , student the number published by the Ministry guide is located .'s Guide according to Adiyaman preschool , 93 elementary 174, middle school 283, secondary 491 in total, including our province 042 students education be eligible for support . across Turkey this year, 250 thousand students from these opportunities will benefit . 2014-2015 academic year, private schools will go to the students will be given for promoting applications on August 25 ends. However, the school management to parents during registration problems should not happen deadline a few days before making the application requires , \"he said .
Saif Ozkan , 2014-2015 in total 892 schools in the academic year , 4 thousand 643 classrooms will be serviced by 8 thousand 438 teachers , noting that the new number will increase with the appointment of teachers , he said.
Ozkan, \"in Preschool Education ; nursery schools, kindergartens and other institutions with a total of 444 classrooms in 307 institutions in 563 , 9 thousand 196 students and 541 teachers in primary schools ; 2 thousand 51 classrooms , 52 thousand 908 thousand 833 teachers and 213 middle school students in two ; thousand 296 classrooms , 51 thousand 7 students 3 thousand 15 teachers and secondary education 7 special 79 official total of 86 secondary schools thousand 162 classrooms in 39 thousand 729 students 2 thousand 392 teachers and training will be provided , \"he said.

To go to a private school in Adiyaman Thousand 42 students Incentive" comments for.


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