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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 09:57

To protect from flu Safari Tea

To protect from flu Safari Tea
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With the arrival of cold weather with flu cases began to increase rapidly.

Sakarya news: With the arrival of cold weather with flu cases began to increase rapidly. Herbalists of the citizens to stay away from chemicals, herbal teas are recommended to consume.
Sakarya Adapazarı in the district for many years haberdashery engaged and Balci, Ahmet recognized Ahmet Yaman, citizens from the flu to protect themselves or the flu when they use chemicals abstinence from drugs and instead herbal mix fruit teas need to consume said.
to prevent the flu for the safari tea be consumed each day that tells Yaman,"Safari tea a cup of hot water a little put 8 to 10 minutes, after waiting with honey sweetened need a drink,"he speaking, sugar is definitely avoided the need underlined.
in the market of chemical substances made herbal teas that said Balci Ahmed said,"Our citizens of them do to stay away. these chemicals teas liver and stomach large degree of harm,"he said.
Safari tea inside the hibiscus, rosehips, ginger, galanga, black seed, nettle seeds, orange peel, apple peel, cardamom and cloves is describing Balci, Ahmet,"our citizens healthy diet is not expensive. their health a bit if they think the plant fed fine. pharmacy or right, left, sold drugs style or shake herbal teas entirely their health breaks and no benefit. Our citizens their Instead of completely natural mix of plants with these disorders can be easily defeated,"he said.

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