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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 16:00

To see the Heart Rhythm Girl Needs four thousand TL

To see the Heart Rhythm Girl Needs four thousand TL
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1.5 years in Nigde 3-year-old Khadija's father falling into the pool Ramadan Laura,"My daughter, walking after the incident, have lost sight and hearing function.

Niğde news: For us to realize that my daughter ill patients need to take top monitor. Minimum wage for trying to charitable help from the look,"he said.
Nigde down Kayabaşı living in the neighborhood of Ramadan Laura, 1.5 years ago, the daughter of Khadija play in the park while the pool has dropped after this event, walking, hearing, and visual function lost said . Ramadan Laura, her daughter in the hospital for 1.5 years, explaining,"My daughter is two weeks at home and are trying to look at him. My daughter is sick does not tell us, we do not understand it. My daughter's sick that our understanding doctors for patients older monitors need to get and that monitor my daughter's heart by looking at their ill understand that said we could,"he said.
Ramadan Laura, patient-top monitors the price of 4 and 10 thousand TL was changed and his minimum wage work, saying,"This device does not meet the state. I also have the power to take device is not enough. We expect great help from the state and from charitable. This device is an important device for my child. This device shows the values ​​of my child's heartbeat. My daughter's heart values ​​continuously falling and rising. We do not see this value because it is not the machine. When we took her to the hospital and intensive care unit is getting too cramped,"he said.
Ramadan Laura,"My daughter playing in the park with his mother Hatice vanished in a moment. His mother was found in the pool after a long period. My child was dead when I went to the hospital via ambulance. After 40 minutes of cardiac massage, heart doctors revived again. 1.5 years have passed since that day. 1.5 years lay in the hospital. I'm looking at my house two weeks,"he said.
Mother asking for help from charitable while Bayh Wishes,"a girl suffering from epilepsy. My other daughter fell into the pool, one hundred percent disabled. Great help from our demand. Do not meet the needs of our children. Hose inserted in the stomach. I'm feeding with formula. Day 25 units are taking the medication. His eyes do not see, not hear, can not speak and can not walk,"he said.

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