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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:01

Tobacconist Continues Visit to School

Tobacconist Continues Visit to School
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Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , he continued with the interview conducted with high school students kepez Technical and Industrial Vocational High School .

Antalya news: Photo President tobacconist , removal and told the students a better environment in order to read their full support to the lack of school education in his speech during the conference. Vocational high school students , a profession learn what arm the gold bracelet wearing Pointing out the tobacconist , \"Vocational training is important. Because the people who do not have the profession is experiencing problems , unemployment problems in life ,\"he said . Photo tobacconist , kepez Technical and Industrial Vocational High School to troubleshoot missing underlining that they endeavor , \"school management, students are doing their best to offer better work. schools gather our forces with the school administration will move better days . the school for two years in my previous visit workshop building by removing the allowance from yoktu.mill the Ministry of Education , we provide workshops to school. I've computing class rehabilitated . in the coming days , the school administration will give astroturf to school collaboration. our students , benches , and will meet the demands of the picnic table , \"he said .
Chairman Hakan tobacconist , students are invited to Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature contest will organize in the coming days he . Photo tobacconist , conversation after class 11-D by visiting the Tanzimat period 2. Literature Literature processed in a time course after listening to the workshops they bring to school also toured cooperation with the Ministry of Education .


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