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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:33

Tobacconist , \"We must pass on to future generations the culture of nomads \"

Tobacconist , \
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Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , met with Antalya nomadic Turkmen Solidarity Association members.

Antalya news: Breakfast in the association building, located in Ascension neighborhood, nomadic Turkmen to the revival of culture and an exchange of ideas on joint projects that can be made for introduction . Photo nomadic Turkmen Solidarity Association Chairman Kemal Bronze , Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist's and kepez Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özsoy'expressed his satisfaction at the visit, neighborhoods organized by nomad night of the last period , the President said they would make it more lively thanks to the tobacconist .
President tobacconist gave a speech at the meeting , Antalya nomadic Turkmen president of the Association for Solidarity Kemal Bronze and wished them success in their endeavors to association members . The nomadic Turkmen culture , Anatolian culture of the tobacconist which emphasized that the essence , \"the transfer to the culture of nomads future generations have always said that it is very important. We can not transfer to the culture to future generations if we , the next generation if they do not know their culture , heroic struggles and since this land of a thousand years the Islamization of these lands how it is being transformed into dormitories, which made ​​the sacrifice, our youth , our children will be very incomplete point out with this country in the future if they do not know . be transferred to the revitalization and future generations of our and value of care are our mission and areas of work we are responsible for our task as being a bridge from past to future . these areas we work diligently to be successful , \"he said . Photo coming days, stating the municipality's cultural events as they organize nomadic Turkmen Festival at various neighborhood tobacconist , \"in this festival with our citizens , we will be together and will emphasize the nomadic Turkmen culture . Will be nights where cultural interaction . We claim the Muslim Turkish culture and will continue to go with our cultural values ​​, \"he said .


Tobacconist , \"We must pass on to future generations the culture of nomads \"" comments for.


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