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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:28

Toçoğlu President,"we set off to our nation"

Toçoğlu President,
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District Advisory Council joined the AK Party Serdivan Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Toçoğlu smart,"We, the people of the most auspicious of people, those who serve are the people with the principles set out.

Sakarya news: AK Party Serdivan District Advisory Council participated in Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu,"We, the people of the most auspicious of people, those who serve with the principles set out are the people. Aside from that any of our purposes and any not our intention. Praise be, our nation having us out. Because our nation, for the service that we are aware of in this task,"he said.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, the AK Party has participated in the Consultative Assembly District Organization Serdivan. Serdivan Municipality Conference Hall meeting held Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu as well as Serdivan District Chairman Osman Çelik, Serdivan Mayor Joseph Alemdar and many members of the organization attended the meeting.
Serdivan District Presidency's activities explaining the video display, starting with The opening speech of the Consultative Assembly of the AK Party District Chairman Osman Çelik made Serdivan. Steel,"Serdivan District President as the organization inside our work continues unabated we are. Overall Centre and the Provincial our Presidency has given us is based on the instruction members continue to work are. County About to be established 228 polling the entire polling president, our vice president, our observers and our spare observers we appoint situation. Serdivan County Organization, 228 crate and a crate with the president of the board in all nine are ready for selection. Our goal is to capture at least 70 percent the percentage of votes,"he said. Steel's speech County Women's Wing President deflection Rock and District Youth Wing President of the Free Saykal, members of the organization to the work carried out regarding information provided.
Who attended the meeting Serdivan Mayor Joseph Alemdar,"street by street we visited the house the house we walked. Nation Us We promise. Provincial Chairman, Deputies, the Metropolitan Mayor, district president and the organization of our members worked night and day. Path of the parks and green areas in the streets, infrastructure, natural gas from the municipal services building until it reaches Serdivanımız 5 years we have made investments our citizens and organizations of our members before the . past week as our district that we shed asphalt 150 thousand tons passed. came to office the day we to this day we support from outspoken Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu to thank you very much,"he said.
Speech continuation of the country's development in line Sakarya and Serdivan ' the changes continued well expressing Alemdar,"Our nation worthy of the trust tried to be. County all of our problems have tried to address. Countries in our development in parallel Sakaryamız the Serdivan our is developing. our country the last 10 years how of progress if the Sakarya how the last ten years, significant progress it has demonstrated , Serdivan how the transformation is a pioneer, if the next process, this development will continue. we, our citizens the best service offering are in the effort,"he said.
Consultative Assembly auspicious to bring results by hope, he began Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu"We, the people of the most auspicious of people, those who serve with the principles set out are the people. Aside from that any of our purposes and any not our intention. Praise be, our nation having us out. because our nation, to serve in these tasks that we are aware of that. This deposit received since the day we wade trying"he said.
Following the local elections metropolitan boundaries will expand representing President Toçoğlu,"After the election all provinces Metropolitan limit to be included. We even three years ago this county about our our work started. Today Kocaeli, Kaynarca, Karasu or scalloped 'or to go away, the Metropolitan Municipality strong service manual this region dates back to'll see that. continuity of service to the nation's safety of the loss is not what we believe, these studies today are doing,"he said.
speech last part of the local elections only winning will not be enough, that can be taken at more votes win the vote should be left underlining Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu,"in front of us an important process there. we worked so hard we so much success we get. every time we say, these local elections to win is not enough, we can get the highest vote should take. no things without neglecting work day and night for our Let's continue. Look the other party every day someone candidate declare. then candidates are changing. because in the minds of folks to serve as a thinking. process we are in the ruling party. Alhamdulillah, the process is fine're taking,"he said.
after the speech of President Toçoğlu MHP resigned from the AK Party Member of the Municipal Assembly Hasan Serdivan beautiful and wearing badges to new members who joined the party program was held. Councillor of Fine badge Mayor Hasan Zeki Toçoğlu other Serdivan badges to new members, District Chairman Osman Çelik and put Serdivan Mayor Joseph Alemdar. District Advisory Council, with members drawn new public image then ended.

Toçoğlu President,"we set off to our nation"" comments for.


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