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  • 17 Temmuz 2013, Çarşamba 11:50

Tofaş Senior Manager Basaran:European market until 2016, rahatlamaz

Tofaş Senior Manager Basaran:European market until 2016, rahatlamaz
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Otomotv sector is still the major items of exports to Europe, eyes and ears.


important actors in the sector chief executive officer (CEO) Kamil Basaran, the 2023 target automotive Given the current circumstances, the difficulty of seizures said to be effective in this global financial crisis, he said. Basaran,"As far as I have seen in a long-running event, the crisis in Europe., We see that, in a situation that leads down to every month. Probably very difficult to catch in 2016 before a permanent upward trend in output."she said.

Kamil Basaran Tofaş CEO, the company met with journalists from Bursa plant. Tofaş Museum hours before the exhibition opened to the press that traverses Chat Basaran, meeting future goals of the company, export and global economic developments evaluated. Turkey's exports in the automotive industry is one of the important items upward trend in R & D & Innovation activities, he said. As a company, they had 500 working in this field emphasizing sayınını Basaran, the share of domestic production of vehicles produce 55 to 60 percent of the level of economic contribution raised to 75 percent, he said.

voicing constantly working on new products Basaran,"Turkey's growing automotive market, especially in line with the needs of customers looking to exit the condition that it continues to work all of our expectations. Finally, the road over the last month Doblo Korteks removed. I hope that, as much as his success story creates a new generation the same success story. After is a very important contribution to the national economy and foreign trade deficit, as well as other partners, especially the project is no longer taking new operating system are not bringing in any way we produce here."he spoke.

abroad based on the needs of the customer started describing not define Basaran said:

"set off a new challenging, Doblo America with their customers've got to get a certain satisfaction. Moreover the country of the fact that certain passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle having a break. Tofaş, light commercial vehicles, which itself is a fully working system created intellectual and industrial rights. Accordingly, no way in this country to take the added value created by these tools is not possible to not take a side. Light falling in recent times the country's commercial vehicle exports these days is increasingly proving to be an act contrary to the full. created began to decline in value that is relatively more dangerous situation. Especially these competencies formed, composed of capabilities and maximize the value added from domestic sources is an environment where they as an important factor in terms of looking at the country's foreign trade deficit. As a result, the passenger vehicles is growing steadily."

"reached 80 percent PASSENGER IMPORT"

Native the country's economy contributed to the increase in passenger car is, however, an increase in imports in this area recently voicing Basaran said the following:

"we see that the right of imports increasing passenger cars. This came to 80 per cent. Consequently, When we set out here with the best-selling vehicle in the segment Linea after all these years still want to emphasize that. continues this success has to be, has to be has been fulfilled. within the scope of passenger cars to a certain point we have put our efforts in this regard. This work continues. Revealed Tofaş intellectual and industrial rights issue we put it out to the customer if the customer returning the shelf at the moment I want to emphasize the project. But the next period in the season and are heading towards a new Euro phases will be initiated. Hopefully, they will be up at the right time delivering vehicles to customers. A key issue in terms of market stability needed to continue and increase the market moves in the country to be doing, it will grow as the market, the courage to make the hazard does not increase production. Both also have the R & D is very important that we invest in R & D emphasize too. If such If we continue with the customer, we have our own engineers and their employees on the road to go back to the customer will be unable to provide new products to the market. Allow time they are now in terms of product development milestones in automotive development moves, they hope to have the need to keep them with you in the coming days Details of the share."


with contraction in the economy and some of the employees went to last year parted ways with employment restrictions Kamil Basaran explaining that they had to, in turn, has increased the number of employees in R & D, he said. Basaran, said:

"Our employees are the most important resource than money. We respect a lot this last year, even if temporary contract employees hired for a long time, for how long, the long-term market in Europe departure will now slowly in the hope that the crisis. But we have seen that, unfortunately, does not go. As far as we can see from the figures this month show that the European market is still continuing contraction. Consequently, our friends at the end of the year, but we said to them uzatmadık agreement, and we are together with you, we will re-publish trying to provide these facilities. Very gratifying that I can say that we got back to our friend the squad of 80, even if one did not get from anywhere else we got there. secondary employment in R & D, we continue to share what I want. R & D, the number of employees was 500, 500 ' ü to pass. these in the coming days with the R & D employees in intelligence means that we will serve the customer. Therefore, we go to the right employee is empowered by the istihdamlara more. stir over with hope that in Europe, more meaningful output up Receive the situation is, then sit down slowly, or you'll end up how this works two shifts, three shifts need to move to, I hope that day will come."

"seven thousand people employed PROVIDE"

transfer of about 7 thousand people have provided employment Basaran,"But I do not want to stay limited. because the side of the management philosophy of our industry and our dealer network is very important. Accordingly, an army of 70 thousand people talking."said. Blue-collar workers stating that the major contribution to the development of the product and the production Basaran, job security, said they received the first prize in the European Union this year.

Basaran,"What are you foresee?"answered the following question:

"As far as I see it, the crisis in Europe is a long-term event. leading down to a situation where we see that every month, no matter how it goes down you ever sold the car? On the contrary, even expected a quick exit. probably before 2016 is very difficult to catch a persistent upward trend in output. But it is important, we do not only exported to Europe. export to Latin America, we are exporting to Africa, we have exported to Russia I would. Putting all these things here in America, if we put together the Tofaş exports has raised a very balanced condition. Consequently, looking at a long-term condition. We do not want to create a solution to any short condition. should be long-term and sustainable. both their employees both processes together with our investments and product development as well as the capacity of 400 thousand in order to keep them afloat and to take it even further, so we have added these objectives are already in our vision. So you've got to be a force towards million vehicles. 2023 Being on the objectives of such an approach have already been unable to walk. Therefore, always have to think positive. market growth that I hope that Turkey will persist in the market."


Referring to imports Basaran,"The second issue which is very important to 80 percent of the increase in imports from the one too many. The effect of the national economy see that it would be too much. purpose instead of the light commercial vehicle market to come back. because this is a very important factor in terms of added value here. Plus maybe a number of tax-related regulations in the coming days if we continue to create added value for the economy of Turkey."assessment.


Kamil Basaran Tofaş, emphasizing that it is a history of half a century,"Tofaş has occurred here, grew up here, up here, arms stretched out, and all the trees Bursa hugging. bond that brings a heartfelt hug. Tofaş Bursa Therefore, we call all of us. Turkish Tofaş Bursa Tofaş, but before the call. has contributed a lot to us because of Bursa, Bursa, neither do everything possible for the labor We promised to give added value."she said. Thus, states that want to grow with Turkey Tofaş CEO said:

"Of course, if you look at the very crisis of 50 years have come and gone, but one thing remained very clear and suffer from many crises. Tofaş, the scope of the chronology of There are a lot of gold success story. these crises have been a number of success stories all the time we look at Europe, was, was in Turkey, where a lot of Tofaş with Turkey have been offended, but all very rational, self-renewing products, renewing the structure with the structure of I always knew to come out, all kinds of exiting the crisis turned the offer. Consequently, I think the most important issue ahead of the country are in need of renewing itself knows Tofaş'la we ourselves are planning to produce added value at every point I need to share with you. Therefore, we always stronger crisis set out. issued as a Turkey which is exported as a Tofaş look these days, the European crisis is proving to be one of the most important crises to the next transition."


factories every year to compete in the sector, pointing to doing renovation Basaran, every year, at least around 100 to 120 million euros investment, he said. Explaining that rate to 75 percent in terms of nativism parts Tofaş Kamil Basaran, it is the economic equivalent of 55-60 per cent gave the information. Passenger car and light commercial vehicle Tofaş in Turkey who designed their site, which improves the engineering, arguing that it was the only organization that manages sales and post-Basaran said five brands that we produce according to the specifications. Underlining that the very large differences on the basis of sales Basaran,"while in the middle of a brand management challenge Tofaş, 6 the only distributor of the brand in the making of some of the production."said.


Kamil Basaran, Travel Park events that the country's economy and how it affects the image of a question, he replied:

"This unrest was a negative impact on the country's economy. Ultimately the effect of such unrest would not be economically by anyone's hard to say. This effect is stronger, but in our country, its economy is strong. receiving rave reviews abroad reflections democratic sense. But I guess economically Europe in the coming days We hope that the future of the city affected by the crisis in the east of this situation."

"hard to catch TARGETS 2023"

2023 targets emerging automotive industry is very compelling figures Underlining Basaran, it's going fast is hard to realize that when the numerical sense. And that is the causative agent of major overseas Kamil Basaran pointed out that the economic crisis, the countries around the region and Africa, underlining that the opportunity for Turkey, finished by saying:

"maximum installed capacity and the availability of the Turkish automotive industry more export opportunities in the European Union, then you're looking at where to go. beyond that time viewing of the European Union. around here where? countries around Turkey, Africa, Latin America, or the areas outside of the Euro zone. 23 targets in Turkey 4 million producing vehicles that either need to export 3 million. exports to 3 million, though some problems on the road to the right step on that road think that everything is going. prepare it ourselves. Our hope is to be resolved before a moment of crisis in Europe."

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