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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:01

Tokat Municipality of Ashura Break 14 Thousand People

Tokat Municipality of Ashura Break 14 Thousand People
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Tokat Municipality served by 14 thousand people asure was made.

Tokat news: Photo Hüdai Sayıbaş underground bazaar held on Ashura Governor Cevdet Can catering program , Garrison Commander Brigadier General Hacienda İlbaş and Tokat Mayor Job was done with the participation of a large number of invitees with Eroglu. Mufti Speaking at the program Ahmet Erdem , stating that it reserved the many wonders in the month of Muharram , \"Especially in the beginning of starting a calendar with to migrate from Mecca to Medina our Prophet . However, especially Muharram's 10th day of Ashura Day, Hz . Adam that the acceptance of the prayer , the Prophet. Joseph is freed from the well , Yunus Prophet my fish out of the belly, Musa'alaihis-salam is a day of escape from Pharaoh's oppression . this week has thus in many goodies. But we have pain in one . this is what is Karbala incident . However, there has been today . However , we all feel bad . Because Karbala also martyred Prophet. the Prophet's beloved grandson, which we all loved and the Prophet we named our son. It is Hussein. this event will keep us to snatch our one , contrary to our union , supposed to be the occasion of our earning power and strength to our provisions are kept \"he said. the Photo Tokat Mayor Job Eroglu expressed as friendship and brotherhood that will reign in this land centuries ago , \"a month of Muharram in the bar some pain. Event of Karbala where the Prophet lived . Son of Hussein and , a month of Ahl al-Bayt were martyred . We hüzünlüyüz , due to the Karbala event we centuries yadda this meaningful day , \"he said .
Done was served asure citizens speeches . 8 thousand in Tokat Municipality soup kitchen , and on the Underground Bazaar were reportedly six thousand people asure served .
slap in the month of Muharram with due also to the citizens of Family and Social Policies in Turkey by the Foundation with the Provincial Directorate of Public Employees were offered asure .


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