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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:59

Told President Canural Mega Projects

Told President Canural Mega Projects
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Mayor of the town of Burdur Gölhisar Canural Ramadan , the day he took office acts done in 7 months since and gave information about ongoing projects .

Burdur news: Photo President transmits important , many studies done Canural , most expressed that they are in preparation to give start to the mega project will begin in 2015, \"We came to work with his support of our people , March 30 elections. The day we were Mayor elected to move to the point that it deserves our district our forces there since we're working . within seven months to Gölhisar Ankara , Antalya, Isparta, we've come 30 thousand kilometers covering Denizli and Vienna . Gölhisar will service it deserves , of course at this time , \"he said . President stating that the 52 projects they plan when he began a Photo Task Canural said:Photo:\"We were 21 of them the 7-month chairmanship of the present day . we brought mega projects our well to a certain stage that are in some progress. a part of our this project municipal some of them are the overall project . Infrastructure , natural gas, industrial sites , marketplaces , youth center , treatment plant alongside the ongoing projects such as wrestling training center , a soup kitchen , making completely free of funeral services , such as state building has completed projects . Of these projects, the aggregation of farmland for the increase in other county's development and production , animal husbandry is available in our work, such as for the opening of modernization and rapid tourism our tourist areas. \"Photo Gölhisar Mayor Ramadan Canural , it's time to realize projects, stating that they must use in the best way , \"our work does not even have a minute to lose our motto , \"he said .

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