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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:44

Tollu Sympathy Message from the President

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Mükerrem virtuous district of Mersin Mayor Tolli, Sivas, who died in a traffic accident that occurred in Mersin chief medical officer for Fatih Cevik has released the message .

Mersin news: In
Post Tolli, a mercy from Allah wished to police martyrs . \"Our nation and our land protection, peace of mind is ensured and we trust to be in the night saying day and working policeman to the families of patience I wish ,\"said Tolle , the martyred police Fatih Cevik the sad news with the virtuous mourned said. Sad events that took place in the country in recent days with the news that expresses deeply hurt themselves Tolli at work, wished success to all law enforcement agencies . Tolli, \"We the welfare , peace and trust for the employees , who work all the armed forces to thank all the debt we know. This nation and our land in order to protect their holy duty Almighty Allah help you get . , Our country is in dire straits . These days, a nation of unity and solidarity in we need to be . need to be awake and should come into play . thankfully we remember all our martyrs and veterans . martyrs to commemorate the police are agile Conqueror . Turkish nation get the right deal , \"he said .

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