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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:57

Tomatoes were installed in Mersin Truck Rollover

Tomatoes were installed in Mersin Truck Rollover
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In the district of Mersin virtuous overturned truck loaded with tomatoes .

Mersin news: Injured in the accident , while carrying eight tons of tomatoes were scattered .
According to information obtained by accident, starch paste springs on the way to the exit of the neighborhood occurred in Şuayip cornering . Depending on the county to be taken to Diyarbakir from Yağda Said Lightning led tomato loaded truck plate 21 SE 999 , where there are frequent accidents Şuayip was overthrown in cornering . Injured in the accident , while carrying trucks loaded with 8 tons of tomatoes way around was strewn .
Truck toppled from where it can be removed by workers scattered tomatoes re-safes were collected.
Due to an accident of agricultural land where the springs reaching the road traffic flow single lane was provided.
trucker Lightning win in the evening that occurred in the morning hours the tomatoes by workers collected begun , said:\"Oil from the village of Diyarbakir were going . bends suddenly saw stopped. when it stops, the car suddenly leans did . Fortunately, there is nothing , the car is stopped place careen. cargo is not much luggage totaled , \"he said .
Purchases made ​​from merchants Ali Başeğmez the \"Truck of the fuel tank ruptured . tomatoes and diesel mixed together . tomatoes go to waste , \"he said.
related to the accident investigation is in progress.

Tomatoes were installed in Mersin Truck Rollover" comments for.


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