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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:07

Tomb was repaired scholars of Tafsir

Tomb was repaired scholars of Tafsir
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Amasya Municipality , Joseph Sinanüd you one of the great scholars of tafsir repaired the Lord's tomb.

Amasya news: Photo according to one dome and hedgehog fringed shrine original structure in Three Quarter renewed , after completion of the repair started for landscaping work . Photo Amasya Mayor Cafer Özdemir , deputy Ismail wins and Scientific Affairs Manager with Tuncay Yörükoğlu viewed over the state of the tomb and landscaping work . Joseph was born in 1507 in Three Quarter Sinanüd you Lord , Bahşîzâ Sheikh Jacob Hakalal (GAL villagers ) Mehmed Muhyiddin Shaykh Sayyid Shaykh Musa İmadza in Muslihiddin graduated from the master by completing the course . The training received in Amasya Muhaşşî Sinan then go to Istanbul from great scholars participated in the Master's course. After a while he came back to Amasya give up to continue the course. Began to give lectures to the students. Which is famous for its extraordinary virtue and the death of the Lord on Friday with maturity in 1567 , was the speed Pasha Müderri instead. Wage fund in 1572, with 60 Mehmed Pasha was appointed professor . During the course was highly respected around here . But it was not happy with dignity and respect . 1576 in order to fulfill the duties of the pilgrimage to leave the professor went to the Hijaz . After making the pilgrimage to Makkah Al-Mukarramah settled . Uniformity of behavior , has been recognized as one of the righteous of all kinds of evil. Harem-i-sharif gave lessons . Hajj season was advised and preached the Turks from all sides. Photo Makkah Al-Mukarramah in the cause of haramlıg of the things forbidden in the Koran in the Holy ikametiesna and pack up verses mention of wisdom , separating them into 99 chapters \"tape-nude'l-I Mah \"wrote a great commentary as he called it . Tafsir-i sharif have liked this much sought-after scholars and other Islamic countries. 1580 \"My şeyhü'lhare \"is made ​​headship of Mecca scholars. This reputation is also feared that brought him from giving up the Haram esh-Sharif sheikh disasters in 1585, came back to Amasya . Retreated to the corner away from the people and did not come out of the house. Gave himself totally to worship . I gained a Photo mercy of Rights in 1591 . He was buried at three in the neighborhood. Ulemâs Amasya was pilgrimage to the grave for years .


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