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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:43

Took the Place of the Green Olive Bench

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Essential flavors of green olives Supper took place on the bench.

Essential flavors of green olives Supper took place on the bench. The olive olive vendors , he said that because of the drought in the region and brought less than other provinces. With indispensable flavor and can be consumed in many different ways Dinnerware Photo green olives, find buyers than 6 and a half pounds. Long in the place known as Castle six in Gaziantep year , indicating that continued the olive profession which his grandfather since Dervis counsel, it was expensive green olive season began, if only because of the drought in the region olive rates and olives also said he came to Gaziantep from other provinces. Counsel, spoke as follows:\"Green olive season began. Essential flavors of our Dinnerware, blessings of the table , began freshness olive season of pocket. Our area has no olives in our region. Aegean, the Mediterranean's region. The tactics olives very rare in our region ; he oilseed black olives. , says UN mercy ; mercy already Aegean olives from the Mediterranean eats quite a mercy . because here that olive Since there is no mercy comes very limited olives. Prices are already in place . 5 pounds of fat olives depart . us olives between 6.5 and 7 pounds we sell \". Photo worldwide and Turkey in the recent drastic reductions stated that counsel, \"the drought this year and the last 3 years in Turkey in general there is a serious decline in olive worldwide , barrenness there . are made broken salad in olive stone . Gaziantep pizza to raw participate in the dumplings , pies are made . Walnut pomegranate molasses . Pepper paste pivaz be used which are offered table , \"said a Photo Lately counsel stating that olive starts to do the all from the front , the words continued:Photo \"Last time output from the groundbreaking work . We are open stalls under the castle 70 years . It was the market before. Everyone fruit, selling vegetables. Now we leave the olive far that day , and we still continue to olive grandfather profession . Now broadcaster , veterinarians , pharmacists , grocers, coppersmith even started selling olives. I'm not complaining . But who knows the business owner should do . Now the elementary college instructor ,a mathematics teacher can ? Everyone will do the job. Police separate task , the task of selling the gendarmes appear separate but everyone olive bride . Olive castle and market place we expect everyone here . \"Photo

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