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  • 30 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 10:03

Top 8 Winter Plan

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Autumn is approaching and streets, houses are getting back to the old crowd .

Autumn is approaching and streets, houses are getting back to the old crowd . Vacation although indispensable for sea, sun loungers and ice cream , even though in fact it was peaceful minute that anyone is planning what to do in the winter at the same time .
returning to the city for their winter holiday plans began a practice . 8 most popular winter plans have compiled for you . Popular among
plans , health and beauty , as well as decisions about personal development, change or decoration include decisions such as quitting smoking . Write more felt perplexed image of the teeth due to tooth sensitivity and aesthetic discomfort associated with treatment decisions , these eight of popular plans . Lingual Orthodontic Specialist transmits his thoughts on the subject Cem Caniklioglu , requiring periodic checks to start the lingual treatment is one of the best period of the autumn highlights . Dr. Cem Caniklioglu \"Tooth of crowding or spacing in the summer due freely smile and can not resort to the shadow person falling on the one hand , type these last days enjoying the other hand, the holiday return an orthodontist meeting with the benefits could be ,\"he says .
Weight loss:winter indoor and thick clothes, since you left the place with thin summer clothes , many people are aware of the weight was taken in winter . Summer diet of course, do not arbitrarily remove the taste of the hot season. Summer menus on holiday , including a plan ediled know, without a doubt diet in time for the usual one September Monday .
Business Change:Chaise the most ergonomic , the orthopedic folds finally grab the peace of mind that he felt the job and to think of what's ! But it was once. Opened in September, staff , recruitment has begun the search for a new job must return the holidays will be entered into .
Laser Hair Removal:This year's time we missed to take this important step . First job in the fall , take that first step for laser hair removal .
Home Small Changes:Tumble dryer, ceramic-based wok m , hairstyling ? He stretched out on deck chairs falling to mind dozens of household goods, electrical appliances . Someone will always be yours , should be!
Aesthetic Operations:something on your body still has your eyes look more or less! Or large. Referring to the winter resort ! Aesthetic surgery decisions, decisions of the most popular in the summer .
Dental Treatment:Write consume lots of cold drinks, ice cream , came out of the closet watermelon, cantaloupe. The discomfort of your teeth , the summer has long hunt you down . Moreover, the existing openings crowding or aesthetically you are creating difficulties . This time the revolution will make a radical change in your mouth . Magazine read in Welcome, Lingual Orthodontics long lasting orthodontic treatment of the wires used aesthetic defects from exposure , teeth improvements will ensure that .
Foreign Language Learning:This summer, a tourist to help a lot of sweat did you . Moreover, one of the most important requirements for your career . And in a globalized world , foreign language requirement in order to be aware of everything . This winter, do a foreign language course to go !
Smoking cessation:Experts on the most realistic solution to quit smoking a later date is agreed that the target is put . One of the trends in holiday decision ,'I quit'on October 1 .'

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