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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:26

Torbal President Verdi Gospel !

Torbal President Verdi Gospel !
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Olive Festival takes place the weekend participating in Saipan Yaşar Adnan bagged never see the Mayor , gave the good news to the producers in the county .

İzmir news: President does not see, the Metropolitan Municipality has announced that within the soil analysis laboratory established in one of the Torbal . President does not see, \"First time I explain it here. We will create our County Soil Analysis Laboratory . Here the water from the soil , our production by examining everything from the seed of the drug will make it even more quality ,\"he said . Parks and Gardens in the laboratory will be established within the Directorate of leaves , roots, soil and water analysis can be done . This project will appeal to all producers in the region not to bagged farmers. Photo SCIENTIFIC AGRICULTURE , depending on the increase and external factors of pesticides in
recent years, deterioration of soil structure farmers are pushing to make frequent soil analysis . Restricted resources to private companies are forced to make analysis with many of the farmers engaged in agricultural wage up to 600 pounds. Fertile agricultural land with farmers in the forefront Torbal often need the soil analysis. Municipality bagged the movement for better quality of agricultural production in the district Torbal pushed the button to establish a soil analysis laboratory . This unit does not see the President said that the laboratory technicians and engineers worked , \"Today, agriculture is no longer needed to make more informed and professionally ,\"he said . In case of agriculture with more scientific methods and soil will be protected , never see both economically more earnings will be achieved , pointed out that this is the most important step that one soil analysis. Photo be freed from the financial burden Photo established for the purposes of soil analysis in the laboratory was done by chemical means , and the purpose of determining the amount of plant nutrients in the soil , and he does not see explaining that determining plant fertilizer type and amount of which will be grown in the ground , said:\"soil analysis costs are low and the absolute requirement for a quality agriculture. what will bring us to inceleyipkendi samples so that our farmers to use fertilizer or pesticide bildireceğiz.böylelikl both of us to be more conscious of agriculture and farmers will get rid of a huge financial burden . \"

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