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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:49

Tough Memories of Talent

Tough Memories of Talent
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Failed to score with a penalty from the fall league opponent HONEY HONEY league team he rose to burst into tears .

Rize news:
in Rize Amateur League match played at the weekend Kalkalderesporl Basaran footballer , a footballer can experience one of the greatest misfortune lived.
district of Rize Stadium Derepazarı Regional Amateur League (BAL) long time involved in the Amateur League with Kalkanderesp faced Ardeşen Sports . Outcome of the match in the Tetovo Sports BAL league from falling and Ardeşen Sports BAL league rise to the question because both districts fans spades showed great interest .
About 5 thousand fans watch the competition 0-0 ended . Not the goal in the 30th minute extension . This time, both teams will use the penalty kick was 5 . Use in a penalty shootout where both teams had five shots on goal . This would be defeated once the initial portion of the missed penalty was called. The result is a kind of match with both teams concluded the first three penalty goals . 4 of penalties scored in the Kalkanderesporl Basaran , a footballer can live one of the greatest misfortune lived. Throw the ball in the penalty shootout Osman Basaran in the hands of the keeper stayed . Kalkanderesp the stands where the fans were silenced in a moment .
Basaran Kalkanderesp with his penalty miss in the Amateur League fell to league Ardeşen Sports BAL rose escaped with a penalty . Awesome Spore players Ardeşen while drowning in tears of joy could not judge left the field .

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