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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:26

Toured the Deputy Head of Housing Koçer And Fadıloğlu Seyrantepe'de

Toured the Deputy Head of Housing Koçer And Fadıloğlu Seyrantepe'de
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AK Party Gaziantep deputy Nejat Koçer Sehitkamil made ​​in Seyrantepe neighborhood with 680 flats thousand Fadıloğlu Ridvan Mayor toured the housing area .

Gaziantep news: Example circle browsing deputy Koçer , \"I saw that on a lot of Made matter of TOKI quality. Your Home is offered the possibility of Kurash unconditional home to our citizens that our Sehitkamil municipalities with urban transformation. Very nice app. I congratulate the President Ridvan Fadıloğlu \"he said. Photo Sehitkamil the final stage in the construction of Seyrantepe neighborhood by the Municipal thousand 680 flats examine housing areas of the AK Party Gaziantep deputy Nejat Koçer Sehitkamil received information about the circle from Ridwan Fadıloğlu mayor. Photo GAZİANTEP'< strong> TA aWESOME URBAN tRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT experiencing , indicating that be amazed at the housing built by Photo Sehitkamil Municipality AK Party Gaziantep deputy Nejat Kocer , \"Today is the review that I have done in Seyrantepe , I am really a great pleasure due for services rendered. made ​​of very high quality buildings for urban renewal is done. of course, the slums of many of our citizens , will begin to sit around anymore . In this sense, I would like to congratulate the Mayor Ridvan Fadıloğlu Sehitkamil . Both the planning and construction quality requirements due to the speed on this issue both Sehitkamil Municipality reveals laudable work. AK Party in Gaziantep deputy , improving the quality of life of our citizens , the opening of the new urban area , the creation of urban areas and the welfare of our citizens in the name of raising the point I care about this work. Gaziantep really showcases examples of projects in Turkey. I am honored to peruse read through them. Sehitkamil about the new sports center in the region had an amazing construction . These are the positive side of the city that is well governed . Hopefully the negative side of the city with our municipal Sehitkamil positive side , this will make a much more positive with this study. Years ago, the municipality wishing to urban transformation , he focused all the time. So destruction by people who want to municipalities or municipal urban renewal that had experienced problems in the municipality. Today we see with great satisfaction that citizens want to waste their homes to urban transformation . Buddha shows that municipalities are in place and doing the right things . Today we toured it, I saw on a lot of TOKI quality. So the materials used , as well as the jacketing and insulation from the selected tiles, which have made our Sehitkamil Municipal and saw the standards that have been put in place and very accurate. Buddha is very important , I think. Because today we are able to do things cheaper , but after 2 years if we make our citizens can not live house sitting , room is wrong. I believe that good things done in Turkey and it works well also should be in the right place in human life. It was obviously a trip very gratifying and I like , \"he said .
\" THIS OUR HOUSE FOR A PROJECTS SAMPLE will SHOWN ONE \"Photo Seyrantepe housing information on which Sehitkamil The Fadıloğlu Ridvan Mayor , \"Today we examined the AK Party Gaziantep deputy Nejat Kocer number of our projects we have done over the gentleman with Us municipality. Seyrantepe project will be one of the projects cited in Turkey. The reason is the following. Under normal conditions , in places where urban renewal , pays the cost to demolish the building does not bring solutions . When you emerge from the troubles in situ conversion of the shelter for a certain period of time. In order to eliminate it first then made ​​to place people's housing expropriation ary consideration you made ​​them , in order to ensure the high standard of living that we have developed in response to this project. This was the first act of this housing 680 thousand . As a result of work we have done with TOKI of here as we did in the complete project work Sehitkamil municipality. We create space tables. The choice of materials in again Mahal statements made ​​by our own architects . We wanted it for . There's a way of life in Gaziantep. This was supposed to be planned according to the way of life. We still have a very important contribution to the other side in order to ensure the isolation of the country's economy. So we would argue, tomorrow we made a solitary building can be called a candle inside to yakıls capable of heat loss when finished , will eliminate the currency of this country. Although we use solid fuel ta , you are paying exchange Although we use natural gas . Here perhaps the initial investment cost may be high , but we do not think it was 3 years or 5 years. In the long run the project from A to Z in order to provide care for our contribution to the economy , we are interested in details. Of course we do with our municipal facilities in this project come to this point was not mentioned . God bless, thanks to the generous support of all our MPs have given in this work come to this point we had it to life in Ankara . Of course, since we're basically saying in this, both we and our lawmakers , not mastery nation , we have come to be a servant . Its for these services does not matter in Ankara , Gaziantep feet feet. Bringing up these standards , provide our citizens live in a more liveable places name will continue this kind of research. From here, housing starts will continue in Beykent with olives . Our problem will be solved most fundamental issues of our nation if we allow them to live in qualified areas . Hopefully this will continue . Of course, urban transformation , especially in the area of ​​the Zeugma Mosaic Museum , may be 2 or 3 units on our citizens in residential apartments in Karsiyaka . Are detected by our municipal expropriation compensation mutual agreement is achieved, the payments specified in this agreement as a result are paying them . Our citizens themselves against that happening are able to choose where housing costs . They choose their direction as they come with the housing floor. When this building finished paying that fee TOKI , they'll be here past the post. We have such a project in order to remove the gap in the interim we have implemented . Which will benefit our citizens here primarily residential or urban land conversion. If called from the demand for housing , not housing our citizens will have the possibility here that want to set up the method again . Here are 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 projects. 2 + 1 project , our 85 thousand TL 3 + 1 issue we also starting from 105 thousand TL , attach direction and 3 + 1 from curtain rails , corresponding to a maximum of 115 thousand TL with that of goodwill by the solid , so the kitchen granite countertop, from the double balcony , intended to detail all kinds of linen closet . We offer the service of our nation , \"he said .


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