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Tourism in Gaziantep On the horizon

Tourism in Gaziantep On the horizon
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Young turizmci rapid growth in the last period of the Universe Tugsuz Gaziantep and assess the impact of this growth was tourism .

Gaziantep news: Young turizmci rapid growth in the last period of the Universe Tugsuz Gaziantep and assess the impact of this growth was tourism .
Young turizmci Tugsuz , Istanbul's population in recent years, a significant increase is observed , noting that \"the organized industrial growth of job opportunities has increased , from the eastern provinces many immigrants received . Again from Syria and from the city to settle a serious population there . the city should population required the industry to grow as travel traffic has increased . industry with the development of raw material representative of the city visit became more frequent . them in the city room needs to determine. also new hotel with the opening of supply and demand also brought along . Gaziantep in need kitchen needs to museums and bazaars and culture tours also stop was one of . My personal idea at this stage the drop-down facilities are adequate. more will remove a potential next five years, do not see in . because Gaziantep season in particular , in spring and autumn density is happening , the summer months climate therefore completely empty passes can say. this annual occupancy and average prices are affecting \"he said.
Tugsuz said in Gaziantep congress tourism development arguing that they should be achieved in the case in the city of many sectors would be affected positively and return a significant value would be expressed, \"In recent years , studies the city's showcase terms was very successful , the past municipal effort in this regard is his indisputable. Again, congress centers opened in Gaziantep in terms of congress tourism in the future would be a good alternative indicator. However, to make progress in this regard need to do a bit of promotion and marketing . We can not wait to play our doors Convention Center doing . Turkey also engaged in these types of organizations in both the university and the private sector need to introduce ourselves . One should take part in the city's convention tourism hotels, food and beverage trades need to get all the commercial space movement and brings economic wealth . 40 committees dealing with this subject Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce launched a study , our project in Turkey from leading institutions and organizations in the tourism industry , by inviting our city to host the congress agencies , convention centers, we want to show . Municipalities and the Chamber of Commerce with the support of which will take our project is still ongoing , \"he said .
Tourism sufficient qualified personnel shortage is acute that tells Tugsuz , \"Gaziantep tourism in the area biggest shortcoming unfortunately skilled employees is human resources , I think. You had better do the most luxurious accommodations and high quality service when you submit your impossible to please your guests . Culture on the subject , I think we have a shortcoming , the preservation of old buildings and the city is the city of the need to protect a dirty industry . Presentation is always the most prominent condition , with a good presentation Gaziantep in a very serious potential I think it was , \"he said .
Gaziantep region in terms of tourism horizon is open and people are now tourist mention of sea sand beach change the perception de reminding young turizmci Universe Tugsuz \"the biggest problem our city has grown , the industry is lack of trained personnel . Is an industrial city of Gaziantep native left behind for the tourism sector. Tourism should not just south of the mind , Gaziantep city hotel is not only a growing industry all over Turkey . Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul even opened hotel in the last two years the number is growing exponentially. Foreign chains of great interest today, in the neighboring city of Sanli Urfa city hotel has the potential to seriously . Tourism and hospitality section of the city of Gaziantep University, a good source , but unfortunately not sufficient to emerging markets . Schools in cooperation with industry experience to increase the students do an internship on support , \"he said .
Gaziantepliler the palate evaluating Tugsuz people Gaziantep, different from kitchen prefer that they live in the city of Gaziantep cuisine outside of a choice there , did not want . Tuğcan Hotel'cuisine in the world that consistently offers guests and preferences change over time in the field next to the desired level , said:\"as Tuğcan Hotel frankly we took the boredom out of it over the years . Gaziantepliler quite conservative about the kitchen , local elections are not giving up easily . Travel and taste the outside , but the choices of flavors are using mostly local . We regard this as Tuğcan Hotel were still pioneers , from Japanese and Italian cuisine for 20 years until we have continued to offer different flavors . Today, with the city's growth and development in the different trends at this point in the new generation begins , the world is growing curiosity in the kitchen . For example, the much-loved our dinner in our restaurant Glass Terrace Fajita Mexican style . Yet every year, traditionally in May for 1 week we organized artichoke different flavors consisting of artichoke Our ​​days are very well-liked , \"he said .
Southeast Anatolia's first five-star hotel by being 21 years serving Tuğcan hotel's local many vary and that a Gaziantep Tugsuz also said that the brand universe , \"Tuğcan Gaziantep Hotel 21 years ago as the southeast's first five-star hotel opened its doors . It was a risky investment for the period , but coming to the city for 21 years, welcomes all guests were delighted with the hospitality of Gaziantep . Today it is still the only name that comes to mind Tuğcan Hotel Gaziantep is happening. This step is to blame the quality of our services and we are expanding continuously . Tuğcan Hotel apart from other hotels in the world standards while maintaining the most important feature of the local hospitality and personalized service with the understanding lies in our quality of service . Renewed face , harmony and a sense of comfort with technology in the business world We are the first and most important center . As of 2009, with a gradual renovation as of 2013 we have completed our work . All of our rooms , our bathroom was renovated, we have commissioned Pella spa . Again all our meeting rooms equipped with the new technology we have . 9 of 20 people, with a capacity of up to 500 people a whole new meeting halls available . To delight our guests have added new deluxe category room . Again, glass terrace with a beautiful view of the city at our restaurant for our guests from out of town , especially selected delicacies from local and international cuisine offer . We are in a growing constantly evolving structure . Physical've completed our terms of top quality . As I stated in the hotel management and staff were the most important factors is the quality of service . Today, in every facility , opened in Gaziantep Hotel Tuğcan grew up in the industry have gotten personnel available. It's about a school and we are in a position to give much importance assertive training . International chains have gained experience in the industry has grown in the trained a new team. Tuğcan as usual in the new era of quality and service concept will continue, \"he said.

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