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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:57

Tourism Month Release 12 Tracks Governor to Open Flower

Tourism Month Release 12 Tracks Governor to Open Flower
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Alternative paragliding runway made ​​in Muğla Fethiye Babadag was opened by Governor Amir Çiçek .

Muğla news: Babadag ride was a 200-meter opening made ​​in the floor of intense interest.
South Aegean Development Agency ( GEK ) from the reportedly made ​​their contribution thousand 200-meter landing runway Muğla Governor of Fethiye Governor Ekrem Caliskan, Provincial Police Director Veysal Tipioğl , the Seydikem Governor Muammer Origin , Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Colonel Halil Celik, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Veli Steel , Fethiye Vice Mayor Medina Atay , Fethiye Chamber of Commerce chairman Akif ARICAN, Seydikem Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Turan, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Bekir Sugar, Muhsin Fethiye Mayor candidate Eryýlmaz TÜRSAB president Süleyman Kaya , paragliding cooperative president Celal Yildiz, Department Supervisors, Room mayors, councilors and other officials attended . Babadag snow and adverse weather conditions in paragliding pilots of comfortable end be able to alternatively made ​​the ride with 200 tracks the number of flights landing in Babadag 5 output. Photo Level forming cloud six tracks thousand 200 meters for low-athletes Babadag at the opening of the track athletes reported that the level of diversification of appeal accompanied by the music of Group Šádová paragliding pilots had flown with tourists from South Korea and other countries. Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Bulent Karakus while the tandem flight took about ÇİÇEK Muğla Governor of flight hardware and harness broke in flight . Fethiye Chamber of Commerce of South Aegean Development Agency , developed with the route we Babadag project supporting Fethiye Governor Ekrem Calik Deputy Mayor Medina Atay , Forest Management director Mustafa Pervin who , GEK secretary general Suleiman Alata and other officials plaques Muğla Governor Amir was presented by flowers.
Oludeniz paragliding Cooperative President Jalal stars, \"fails to 1700 and the winter of our other runways and fly in adverse weather conditions this runway will be an important support to paragliding as an alternative track. this track will increase a minimum of 10 thousand more the number of flights ,\"he said . < br/> Fethiye Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Aquifer ARICAN, \"Our route Babadag project took 742 thousand 382 TL grant support within the scope of Alternative Tourism Funding Program implemented in 2013, the South Aegean Development Agency . Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce 247 thousand 460 per contribution the project will provide air is clouded and covered runway and Fethiye Forest Management Directorate of the road network to work in the 1200 meters elevation in order to continue their paragliding flight in the flight period can not be done from the summit , the forest fire way around the track was opened , \"he said . < br/> \" FLIGHT NUMBER EXCEEDED our 90 THOUSAND \"the Governor Fethiye Photo Ekrem Caliskan, \"efforts are being spent for the development of the region in terms of tourism. There are 5 available tracks with this track. The number of flights in Babadag 3 years ago exceeded 40 thousand to 90 this year. Efforts carried out , the results are showing a noticeable success diligently figures reached serious proportions. All kinds of sports activities in the region , though executing simple rules must be strictly adhered to . Failure to comply with the rules of sporting activities end result can be a bit serious as death. Slope in my opinion this is one of the safest areas for those who want to parachute in Turkey. Because the best weather conditions here with the most experienced pilots. The one thing that gives us this track tourism operates in a particular season and then shuts down . Thousand 200 altitude runway enables us to operate in the winter for those who paragliding. I would like to thank everyone who contributed , \"he said .
\" FETHİYE AND MUÐLA OR NEW PROJECTS TO BE \"Photo GEK Secretary General Suleiman Alata in tourism importance saying that they would support alternative tourism projects , \"he Babadag in 5 out of 15 projects in Mugla, Fethiye 4 . In this region we supported about 1 million $ 200 , \"he said . Photo Mugla region of natural beauty as well as the country's economy also contributed offering value to be pointed out that the Governor of the flower has , said:\"Working in the tourism sector were successfully concluded . These are not Enough . Because it is rich in potential for a place with so much potential that we have the best way to assess value . Sun, history and nature tourism activities in a place that should be good for 12 months . This scope of certain projects previously made ​​. I thank them . We Muğla governor , governors, these values ​​as non-governmental organizations and mayors we will work to add to the economy in the best way . Depending on whether the end of the season , according to figures Muğla I received over the last 3 million 250 thousand tourists came . The monetary financial contribution of approximately $ 4 million . I think at the end of this figure will increase . We will raise this figure to 3 and a half million. We want to add 1 million more tourists to this figure next year \"


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