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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 07:23

Tourism Workshop in Bayburt

Tourism Workshop in Bayburt
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Bayburt Journalists Association , KUDAKA supported \"Tourism Innovation to arrival , grows with the promotion \"workshop on the tourism potential of Bayburt performed within the scope of the project was laid on the table .

Bayburt news: Photo Bayburt historical and touristic places on tour of the workshop is part of the program organized , Bayburt Deputy Benjamin Uzbek , Bayburt Mayor Mete Memiş, Turkey Journalists Confederation President Nuri simplicity , Press Ad Agency Board Member Mustafa Arslan, Anatolia Federation of Journalists President Feridun Fazil Ozsoy, President of the Chamber of Commerce Abraham tangles , the AK Party was attended Bayburt President Hakan Kobal and of the journalists. Photo poet mind the city of Bayburt Municipality in the Forest speaking at a workshop held in vineyard Turkey journalists Confederation President Nuri Kolaylı , Bakshi Museum is a great project but stated that painful the road leading to Bakshi Museum of Bayburt, while emphasizing that the road should always improving, Press Ad Board Member Mustafa Arslan, priority and that requires the preparation of Bayburt a tourism master plan 3 day trip to the results of Bayburt kitchen, robe and stones may come to the fore in the triangle , he said observations. then spoke to the Mayor of speeches Photo participants Mete Memiş, \"You share your convictions will carry Bayburt up with us, with us your criticism and advice from your ourselves way we will draw the map , \"he said . Photo speech in Bayburt castle Memiş President special emphasis , they began excavations at the castle , and said that made ​​the first attempt to do so. Referring to the importance for Bayburt Photo Bakshi Museum Bayburt Deputy Benjamin the Uzbek , Bakshi they care about the issue of improving the Museum of the road and Tashan , Fountain Group studies and the Grand Mosque was talking about projects they plan to do in the area. Photo summary sections of the speeches made at the workshop as follows:Photo Nuri simplicity (Turkey Journalists Confederation President ) Photo \"Bayburt third time this development. We stayed in a hotel without breaking the dorm when I first arrived . Dormitory and was built as a place that looks like home . Now I do not know what condition. Shoes when entering the main gate of a place that was removed. We had a second when I came Bayburt University Guest House. We see this again in our development , we order and arrival. You have duplication of such facilities. Baksı Museum is way too painful . There made ​​a great investment , but must be passed to obtain the absolute departure infrastructure. It really is a great project . The Council of Europe also receive award is very important. The second time I went and saw more advanced. Very important for Bayburt, must be passed to obtain absolute for him. Absolute need of Tashan environment to tourism . Let us mention that, too. Bursa Bazaar is an authentic air like a kavuşturulmalı I say. \"Photo Mustafa Arslan ( Press Ad Agency Management Board Member) Photo \"First of all I would like to remind you that . Two things come to mind when Bayburt said. Someone said to the President Symphony Orchestra , \"Bayburt, Bayburt was possible to see such cruelty ,\"that etched in my mind , the second Baksı Museum in the last period . So we see that when we look on the outside Bayburt'l . Now if we look at ourselves as tourism value , but we are , we have obtained benefits probably do not metamorphose . Indeed, a geography that can be tolerated in order to establish Bayburt yesterday tomorrow . As culture , rich in human resources . Begin by preparing a tourism master plan and needs to be placed on prioritizing then step by step implementation plan. Of course, counting source telling them solved the problem. I set forward will come as a result of the 3 aspects of our trip. Kitchen, robe and stone . Moved back slightly regret that I have seen . Existing building in the city's structure needs to rise to the forefront. Bayburt Castle thus not suitable for me. Derlin is supposed to be public . And performance of the excavation would be nice . Bakshi's Museum in Bayburt international tourism I think it is a very important advantage . Improved but not much in the way of modernity bites .. People want to touch because it's human geography . In this context, an appropriate website to be performed by the institution's objectives in terms of tourism . Steering plates have to take any more. Bayburt necessary for people coming from outside . We saw six Aydıntepe Location city. There should be subject guides. I'm just sorry we saw something move in the minaret of Bayburt were very happy but there using a stone waterfall made ​​out of the quality of the stone. Our Grand Mosque , the mosque where the bullet instead of building blocks such as zinc and wood on the inside I think it would be useful to be addressed as complementary . The history of the emergence of later made ​​plaster removed and moved around the mosque , I say would be important in terms of our perception of better . Tashan environment also needs to be brought into absolute tourism . \"Photo Feridun Fazil Özsoy (President of Eastern Anatolia Federation of Journalists ) Photo \"Bayburt is one of our most valuable city . Naturally , we need to prioritize and property values ​​in our Bayburt . Much has been said about the accommodation . I say this as someone on the inside , we stayed in the old Teachers in Bayburt , it was very bad today . Atatürk University, Bayburt University Guest House Guest house, but this is nicer than the guest house of the university. Bayburt his guest got to be home . I do not think Bayburt best gastronomic culture of evaluation , can be promoted better . Little or no entertainment places , they should be made ​​. Bayburt Turkey neighborhoods rooms should be introduced in all of the culture , I think. \"Photo Sefa Özdemir ( Deputy Chairman of the Confederation of Journalists ) Photo \"I am very happy to come to Bayburt . I've been here six times. Indeed, very incomplete and lacking in infrastructure. Traffic due to infrastructure work in this very troubled period for infrastructure and Bayburt too late . Bayburt University Guest House is very nice, but this is a place of public institutions . I think that in terms of Bayburt accommodation needs new place . The place is very bad waterfall made ​​on the Underground City . \"Photo Sevket Erzan ( Çorum Journalists Association President) Photo \"According to the testimony of Bayburtlular in Çorum Çorum have more than Bayburt Bayburt . Hey, we went to the village of 60 households, especially today , there are only 300 households Baksıl of Corum . After the Ottoman-Russian war , especially those who have come to settle in. We live in Bayburt and I know all of us Corum Bayburtlular are brave , honest, decent people connected to the national spiritual values. Bayburt chimerae our Dede Korkut , Bayburtlu mind, Temurag bar and brave people coming . 5 star hotel in terms of accommodation Bayburt Bayburt condition but needs to become a star as a whole. Infrastructure work has begun and ends it will become a pleasure . Çoruh can be given to the city river. Should be considered in connection with the Companions and lay religious tourism . It also has a place in local tourism . And you also have to be provided for outside Bayburtlular also come Bayburt . The center also seems to me to be museums. Ethnographic Museum is an absolute need in this city. \"Photo Ayhan Türkez ( Ihlas News Agency Regional Director ) Photo \"Bayburt a city intertwined with history . There is a serious history of the place in terms of tourism infrastructure , but can not be ignored in this way . The model has Palandöken and winter tourism potential in Bayburt , but somehow failed to Sarikamish . Unfortunately very bad case of Bayburt Castle . Kop Ski's seriously need to be addressed. I'm yönetimind also Turkey's Skating Federation. Bayburt an ice rink with our Mayor , in cooperation with the federation acquire and done competitions. It does not require a hard thing and a serious cost . Mountain tourism has significant potential for Bayburt my opinion . You should also be given to the Dede Korkut Şöleni'nde I think. This brand can be a festival in Bayburt . Çoruh River should be considered necessarily a major advantage for the city \"Photo Turpç of Mehmet Emin ( Kırsehir Journalists Association President) Photo \"comes to mind Çoruh and speaking of Bayburt Bayburt Castle . My thought was greener but I saw my Bayburt in this sense is no different from Kırsehir . Afforestation and Çoruh River with emphasis on the need to give the city of Bayburt Castle tourism. \"Photo Yasar Yildiz (Bayburt Journalists Association President) Photo \"I want to thank you for your participation . I just want to say the following addition . Dede Korkut more expanded Culture and Arts Festival , the Turkish world can also be improved by participating more into it. What can be done in terms of tourism in the near future . We have a place beside us living in a tourism boom . There are 62 kilometers away Uzungol . One way of Bayburt should withdraw from here . I want to wander tourists staying there for 1 week. I think if the tourism infrastructure and transportation improvements we can include Bayburt on this tour. \"Photo Memiş:\"We will start excavations in Bayburt Castle \"Photo \"You share your convictions will carry Bayburt up with us, with us your criticism and advice from your ourselves We will draw a road map . There are no host will welcome tourists to this city. I know it well as the Mayor . I invited the Bayburt Bayburtlu hotel operators and will provide them every facility . I repeat this invocation in Istanbul 10 days ago. Infrastructure problem is a serious fundamental problem of Bayburt . Brand name of the city was necessary for the formation of solving this problem . Sewerage, drinking water and sanitation . Coruh important to Bayburt . We solve it for us first . Relieve Çoruh River from the sewage . Solenn will perform Dede Korkut , starting from 2015 have more genişleştiril way. Bayburt, Bayburt Municipality is currently in the care of the Castle , but this time complemented by the end of December . I've been in demand for municipal re-release of the castle. We will start our plan if excavations . Person who does this is my childhood friend in Erzurum. From the Van 100th Year University and Ataturk University received the promise of the excavation will be carried out . Before AD 2000 in the castle belonging to the past 4000 years we have watering. Bayburt Castle, this excavation will be done. \"Photo Uzbek:\"The Grand Mosque and thinking about the environment Taşhan'ın \"Photo \"We care about Bakshi Museum. Bayburt has Laleli Dam issue . We want to be assured that I am against this project . Laleli Dam therefore unable to make permanent things in that area. We Bakshi Museum kilometrel improving the road at least 45 should be turned into a way to go in 20 minutes. I agree with this idea and cares . Bayburtlular arrive outside of Bayburt very important in terms of tourism . There are thoughts about the Grand Mosque and Taşhan'ın environment. Time they were sold here . One of the area to be cleaned at a cost over $ 150 trillion. I just need to be cleaned only 30 trillion Tashan environment. Of course, this is also a case about Turkey's economy . Now we have no such a budget let the Ministry of Culture , but I think what we do that. We have our old buildings , especially in that area. Municipalities , Ministry of Environment and Urbanization turning citizens to cooperate with it in order to create traffic only outdoor shopping center. Bayburt mall will be decorated with authentic stone veneer can be done . Infrastructure also negotiate trades with friends after work there will try to bring this idea to our implementation phase. \"

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