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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ağustos 2014, Pazar 04:18

Tourists take pictures with Janissary Band Enters the Race

Tourists take pictures with Janissary Band Enters the Race
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Muğla's Bodrum district Bümbet bar street until the morning due to the August 30 Victory Day military band played the national anthem rang.

Muğla news:
world famous Gumbet bar street with his name very frequently talked about the organization named Pasha night club with janissary brought August 30 Victory Day was celebrated . Morning till night clubs standing in front of the Mehter Mehter team played to great acclaim with the starter . They tell each other tourists to take pictures of each other for the starter crushed . Domestic and foreign tourists standing in front of the door of the night club Mehter team followed. If some tourists could not hide their astonishment . Bar street to the military band marches and entering the janissary road recently their big applause.
tourists VICTORY told
Nightclubs operator of Levent Akbulut the night club organizes various events , said:\"First of all, how happy my song so to say . this meaningful day we do something I said. Tourist customs, how the victories that we have received , let us explain wanted . very nice organizations have done until now. this is a very different thing Mehter march until the morning before the door Mehter marches to play because we were the victors easy we did not win . so everyone needs to know to tourists we describe how special a day it is . it is with us this sincerely rely on the Turkish nation's customary to pieces what was so fond of what they see and they give us confidence and we are familiar with . Mehter team is a very intense interest anyone who has photographed vying to speak. Pasha both for myself and the club Victory Day celebrating all our citizens , \"he said .

Tourists take pictures with Janissary Band Enters the Race" comments for.


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