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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:29

Towards the 5th Ordinary Congress of the AK Party

Towards the 5th Ordinary Congress of the AK Party
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The AK Party, between November 1 to December 31 of the county convention , 22 November 2014 and 22 February 2015 between the provincial congress will perform .

Mersin news: AK Party Mersin Province President Ismail Taşpınar , \"AK Party's next target , The 5th Ordinary Congress process with our 2015 elections successful exit , our nation, as promised in 2023 , 2053 , 2071 Turkey to the stability , peace of mind , with the development and salvation is to reach ,\"he said .
Suggest Subhi Teachers AK Party came together with members of the press at home Mersin Province Management, shared his thoughts on 5th Ordinary Congress . Provincial President Ismail Taşpınar , the AK Party democracy, the nation's values ​​, which Turkey's unity and solidarity faithfully impact rules , the guardianship system and declined to terminate the said period . The AK Party's founding Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the case believed staff with the century's first 13 years in the one can not imagine the 1st breakthrough performs noted Taşpınar , \"This breakthrough is the source of democratic legitimacy , political legitimacy and 9 in the election of our nation revealed large is supported. Now our goal of our Republic 100th anniversary in 2023, 2 excretion to complete . AK Party of Turkey a dark period in our nation bosom of the nation's values ​​as a light to reach has been established. for this reason, democratic life examples of our party has become . political make sense , voters , members and administrators developed communication model of political in activities revealed that discipline and order in our country and all over the world is appreciated , \"he said .
AK Party 1's Extraordinary Congress with Turkey and the world of common sense with the stability , confidence and big goals with essential commitment given the message that emphasizes Taşpınar \"the AK Party's next target , 5th Ordinary Congress process began with our successful exit from the 2015 elections , our nation as we promised in 2023 , 2053 , 2071 to Turkey stability , peace of mind , and with the development is to achieve salvation . This is our nation's expectations of us . Our Congress of Turkey is the source of most of our targets are achieved . Our Congress resolution process is the source of our will . Our Congress , the indispensable need of a new Turkey that brought together our nation the will of the new Constitution is the source of the saints . All of our Congress remains tutelage , parallel structure , all the evils which afflict our nation is the source of the liquidation . Our Congress of the steps to be taken towards the new Turkey , Turkey's leading our kaynağıdır.kongre the legitimacy of the architecture will be held full democracy , a rising economy , equal citizenship , nation-state is the source of conversation . Our Congress meeting our great nation with all the values ​​of our civilization and is the source of the future will be moved to . In the end, our congress , during this period we prepare for the 2015 elections, re-power our beloved nation will refresh our party and our organization , renewal , strength , winning in 2023 , 2053 , 2071 is the source of the will to achieve their goals . And congresses sovereignty of the nation the will of the nation and the nation of the power source , \"he said .
\" TEVFİK Sirri Gur Stadium probably will fall apart \"
the press release after the media Tevfik Sirri Gur Stadium answering the question about the status of Taşpınar , \"I met with the President of CTR . Tevfik Sirri Gur Stadium is currently a project have said they will do instead . But of course as the equivalent of TOKI Mersin Stadium took place . Tevfik Sirri Gur Stadium probably also will be demolished. TOKI because ultimately you have to earn . In Mersin Statyumu currently have a ground problem . Room subject stemmed from friends looking to get there . Hopefully soon this place ground problem will disappear , \"he said.
Çukurova Regional Airport on the Taşpınar ,\"The most recent Provincial Chairman at a meeting of state , Mr. Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu and Minister of Transport to have escalated . Currently the rate for the last time period given to the contractor . That time was also stated that three weeks . If the contractor does not exceed financial difficulties and re-construction does not start, the company will be fez and re-tendering the contract , \"he said .


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