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  • 29 Ekim 2013, Salı 09:04

Tower-pilot was drama in the dialogue

Tower-pilot was drama in the dialogue
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Ataturk Airport air traffic controllers who work, live and wrote dialogues and both pilots theater they played.

acclaimed viewers almost burst out laughing during the show. Even without being a professional stage theater education exhibits controllers, the first stone took out tiyatroculara shows.

Ataturk Airport air traffic controller on duty took part in 8 'beam Theatre Confused' theater show is attracted great attention. World Air Traffic Controllers Day activities performed within the scope of the game Yunus Emre Cultural Center. Air traffic controllers with a stressful profession, professional theater performance written by players themselves to be searched. Where the eyes and ears of the pilots in the air traffic controllers, pilots and their days interesting dialogues carried on the scene.

Each day, hundreds of aircraft for air traffic controllers serving six months of intensive study the challenges of the profession, then laughed and reminded me of the game staged.

prepared on the scene after a bout of NIGHT

Turkey Air Traffic Controllers Association President Birol Bilgin, exhibitors at the play, about a year ago, 'How can we do such a thing?"He came passed. The Group noted that the record was very enthusiastic,"We took the idea of ​​a society where the board of directors as to pave the way to bring your friends have left us an extremely easy side. Prepared a few sketches I've seen. I saw the more we laughed so much that even in the beginning stages of a skeçte extremely confident that the future of this project, we were definitely places. supported in this sense our friends. Good friends under the endless support I would like to have as an association. however, the major role here, because my friends had to get together about once every two days. OVERTIME outputs, night outputs bout came together to bring this game to have done this shape."she said.

all those involved in the show Theatre Ataturk Airport Birol stated that air traffic controllers working in the record, stated that there was a player outside professional.

Game voicing committed scholar in the art of satire,"there is criticism in the art of satire., But we brought a critical perspective to the forefront of criticism, but moved to the forefront to laugh. Hcvi making everyone laugh. Too cliché, but the laugh as well as think. has highly improvised a thriving profession. has so much dialogue that we faced. 5 hours, even on the basis of this we had when we bring together subject matter goes, this game is the difficulty in finding çekmeyecektik. profession in itself can be satirical situations that are being released, and we how to have them exhibited in a theater play."he spoke.

Saliha Unsal air traffic controller, said that any experience of theater. Noting that the preparation process about six months Unsal,"The last two months have passed a very intense way. Gag Only the first adaptation others have written together. Has contributed to all of us. Soundtrack of us made a friend. We all have such individual characteristics. Come together very nicely We brought in harmony to create the game."said.

Derya Ozdemir, show very good performance so that the audience gave a beautiful exhibit of energy expressed. The lounge is a very nice transfer of energy occurs Özdemir finished by saying:"B u in the process and bunaldığımız very yorulduğumuz once was. But I have never lost souls. Aralarımızda sketches of rest during the night, typing vakitlerimizi spent working. General sense, it was exhausting but incredibly exciting game of pleasure and happiness."

Solomon Özkömürcüler the game, telling themselves, share experiences, he said. Telling their own stories stating Özkömürcüler laugh, the scene reflected the stories of people who work together, he said. Many times they do not come face to face on the scene, but the sound recording Özkömürcüler telling the stories of pilots, as well as something fun to tell that they are aiming to base, he added.

Tower-pilot was drama in the dialogue" comments for.


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