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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Temmuz 2013, Perşembe 15:23

TR Ministry MHP deputy reply

TR Ministry MHP deputy reply
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Lutfi Kocaeli Türkkan MHP deputies voiced their distress at the examination system and wants answered Bakan'lığından quick to respond to the resolution of National Education.

Ministry of Education, 2013-YGS'de exam was done more than 100 thousand in the lounge, with the camera recording at the same time so much more numerous in the hall was not possible at this stage, but as of 2013, all the rooms in the segment reported record at a target.

MHP Türkkan Kocaeli Deputy Lutfi, Minister of Education, requesting the President of the Assembly to answer the question Nabi Avci resolution,"University who dream of one million 851 thousand 326 candidates entered the Transition to Higher Education Examination, Kocaeli, for a total of 17 thousand formal education 45 thousand candidates YGS'de shed sweat."he said.

Tiirkkan resolution"SSPC, have in recent years KPSS, as well as the copy of YGS'de a scandal in Turkey have been the first to pass in front of 28 thousand 600 exam rooms, and the camera has a digital clock view. Ancak'Güvenli and adil'bir exam applied in this system is applied in Kocaeli. SSPC yerleştirmemiştir Kocaeli exam halls camera."he said.

Türkkan questions, as follows:"In order to avoid scandal YGS'de copy the digital clock view of the camera application Kocaeli in Turkey ' applied in correct? If correct, why not apply? Kocaeli YGS'ye what security measures are taken in order to prevent withdrawal of the students copy? Copies applied in order to avoid the scandal caused by the implementation of a digital clock view, the camera is ready for all cities geçilmemiştir, Kocaeli separate Is there a special reason for detention?"

Ministry of Education, the answer to the resolution, the Presidency of Council of Higher Education on the subject, the camera application is started, and 30 thousand in 2012, was carried out in the hall said. In 2013 all the rooms with the camera records a gradual transition from the first phase is planned, and this recording can not be done in all the halls YGS'de 2013 Ministry statement recorded with the camera to shooting interiors, the number of candidates from examination centers, halls and number of copies in the past to consider events determined been recorded. According to these criteria, it does not require the registration of Kocaeli

​​camera is one of the exams, the center and the regions close to the appointed representatives of SSPC transmitted statement for each candidate in the lounge with a different question booklet also admitted that the copy was averted. At the same time put the camera in all the halls

not possible to cross-segment

2013-YGS'de convey the examination hall more than 100 thousand ministries, so that more number of records in the hall with the camera at the same time but it is not possible stage in all the halls in stages in 2013 stressed that with the camera records at a target.

TR Ministry MHP deputy reply" comments for.


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