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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:01

Trabzon Category in Latin Dancers Wdsf Stars Became Third World

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WDSF Stars in Latin category at the 21 athletes representing Turkey and Trabzon Trabzon Sports Club athletes Dance Yakuphan Gunay and Tuana have obtained the Öztan world third.

Trabzon news: Photo METU Couple Dances Community organization and within the scope of each year, the Republic of Week activities and most prestigious accepted as an international dance organization METU International Republic Cup, ODT was held at the Sports Centre. Photo World dance Sport Federation's competition received a world ranking competition category , this year the audience with the participation of athletes close to 300 from 20 different countries became a visual feast. miniscule in Photo qualifying round , stars, athletes in adolescents and adults age category Latin (Samba , Cha cha cha , Rumba, Paso Doble , Jive ) and Standard ( English Waltz , European Tango , Viennese Waltz , Slow Foxtrot , Quickstep ) dances competed in the discipline. Photo Trabzon athlete training , which serves as the only club Trabzon dance Sports Club athletes from Yakuphan Gunay and Tuana Öztan , Stars in the category brought to Trabzon world third after outstanding success . Photo Trabzon Dance Sports Club owner and trainer breeze Dilaver Atagün , said that \"our athletes Yakuphan Gunay and Tuana are working together Öztan for a very long time . Instructors Turkey Dance Sports Federation coaches , national sport , and also Turkey have achieved this success by working harder each week , accompanied by Erhan Birds Champion. Our athletes took the fruits of disciplined work . We are proud that they are very happy. After that, it will be the continued success , \"he said .

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