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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:15

Trabzon Silk Dokai first visit to the Medical Tourism Association

Trabzon Silk Dokai first visit to the Medical Tourism Association
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Trabzon Silk Road Medical Tourism Association ( TRİSAT ) first visit to the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (PJC ) made .

Trabzon news: EAST
Secretary General Cetin Oktay sidewalk TRİSAT visiting delegation in his office , before the establishment of the sector they are doing in consultation with all stakeholders ; founding members of the public , private and civil society organizations , they said that the creation of representatives and organizations continue to work .
TRİSAT Prof. Ahmet Kalaycoğl is , in his speech during a visit''Turkey in the last decade in the field of health reform qualifications and advantageous pricing policy has attracted the attention of neighboring countries and Europe. In parallel with these developments in our region and in Trabzon increased tourism potential , supports the diversification of tourism. Attaining a competitive structure and the possibilities of Trabzon region PJC will form our work takes priority . Locally we have a serious potential. As TRİSAT , DOKA , supported in Trabzon \"medicinal and aromatic plants laboratory with\"We will not reach new horizons , \"he said . If a Photo Eastern Black Sea Development Agency Secretary Cetin Oktay sidewalk, you are taking new steps in Trabzon in terms of health tourism said. Pavement , foreign tourists to health care in harmonizing the legislation in giving from receipt of the sector would be great contribution to the development of Trabzon serious health tourism public expressed that infrastructure , private sector and civil society in the development of the sector collaboration of organizations voiced play an important role . Pavement , \"which will be very good with the analysis of Trabzon health tourism infrastructure needs to be determined . We must identify our strengths and weaknesses in health tourism. Our lack is required to complete accordingly. We are successful in the field of health tourism must be able to demonstrate very good. That trust is the most important aspect of the industry , and therefore need to be taken to trust the provider of the steps , \"he said .
Sidewalk, Trabzon, the Gulf states and that takes a lot from tourism, much as the beginning of the even gained in health tourism of 1 percent of the number of tourists reached 200 thousand said to be good. sectors with all the functions stated that the importance of adapting to health tourism sidewalk, \"health tourism sector is from Trabzon armor. There are many volunteer team. Both the public pillar , and the private sector provides a good cooperation . Trabzon in health tourism with this work I think we made ​​a good point , \"he said .

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