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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:33

Trabzonspor Legal Notice Board of Management

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Trabzonspor Law Board Member Atilla Dilaver, coach Ersun Lateral management warned .

Trabzon news: Photo taken in bad field Trabzonspor coach Vahid Halilhodzic as well as both the players and management of the consequences of making targeted descriptions, purple-blue coach in the club brought the change agenda. E first place you divided the community name of the lats . Trabzonspor coach who changes the turbulent days remains on the agenda . You E management coach Lateral name discussed, a section declares idea of ​​the direction of arrival of the experienced teacher , while some oppose the arrival of the lats . Photo THE LAW OF DIRECTORS You ENI TRABZONSPOR MANAGEMENT SIDE ON THE WARNED < br/> Trabzonspor Law Board , Ersun Lateral name of the purple-blue of the club referred to the then administration and council presidency board, Lateral sent a report about . Photo Trabzonspor Law Board Member Atilla Dilaver, you e as established law Lateral documents the history of ethics violations and promoting their claims specifying the Trabzonspor management in a report and to offer the council presidency , \"Our goal is to inform the Trabzonspor management about it and sofas presidency. Trabzonspor May 9, 2014 dated UEFA application and this application results in Turkey an investigation was opened known for failing to why the match-fixing penalties against the Football Federation . you E in the footnote that the alleged promotion of lateral and Parliamentary Investigation Commission 22. we noted that in the period . You Ede said period Lateral, National Team Coach TFF because it has had six pad . Already TFF's past as well known to the public gaze against match-fixing today , \"he said .
Selcuk Inan I FENERBAHÇE YE did try to set Photo of Dilaver said, \"you lats Coach E's , Trabzonspor's Selcuk Inan former footballer expressing their efforts to convince to go to Fenerbahce is located in a telephone conversation with Şekip Mosturoğlu . Ersun Lateral to this telephone conversation Mosturoğlu'nun'Do not let anybody hear I'm ends'do the warning , it is a violation of ethical behavior and the expression is doing it on purpose. We have a duty to explain the need for ethical violations which all sports people should be established based on the documents public Trabzonspor management law . The essence of the struggle that we have done since it would require it. Download Trabzonspor management discretion . Trabzonspor receivable management is the responsibility of the spectators and against the decision date . At their own discretion in how to use their powers . Trabzonspor coach as we have no authority to interfere in the law who will be installed . Such a rate not see in ourselves. We are trying to fulfill our duty to inform \"he said .

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