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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:15

Trabzonspor shake up the agenda of the former president description

Trabzonspor shake up the agenda of the former president description
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Trabzonspor Club former President Nuri Albayrak, made statements that it will play all over the place ...

Trabzonspor 's former president of the Nuri Albayrak , the Black Sea, found striking comments Gökçe Intelligent Endpoint newspaper.

football match-fixing allegations in Turkish football '' Of course, for many years, has been the sport of the day in the face of this type of events, but most of them did not exceed the justice of God has manifested itself here and there to get the oppressed will ahin like this. CAS has decided to face the day dark table ' he said.

chaired by club Trabzonspor match-fixing issues in our country despite the fact that fighting is also very light periods derive the former club president complained, Akyazı project to prepare the agenda of Trabzon specific descriptions of each bearing the name Nuri Albayrak here ...

Aziz Yildirim Turkish football URGENTLY cleaned, such as

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TFF difficult process, came into office. He is now no longer the chaos to save the situation without removing the Liverpool from Trabzonspor right to receive and return the trophy back should be. However, the future does not return the trophy UEFA and FIFA Fenerbahce in Turkey and the national team by any other penalties that will give penalties. World football managers, and punishes not premium fraud. TFF President Haluk Ulusoy not support me as the chair, even though the time period to resign because of his injustice, but unfortunately I did not succeed. Match-fixing in Turkey started the first man Ali Sen is. Haluk Ulusoy'dur the second man. Inequity and injustice they have during the Turkish football. I knew a gentleman was very nice and let us get this trophy var'Lanet Fenerbahce friends have also cleaned up ya'diyenler. Tescillendiler Aziz Yildirim and others around the world. Such people must be removed completely from football. Otherwise, the Turkish Football continues to lose blood, and perhaps over.

Quiz; Turkish football STARTED WITH ALI SEN! ..

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"This work speaks against Fenerbahce in the court process and all the decisions taken in this process. And finally seen the end of the road along with CAS. After that you need to do is Fenerbahçe administrators; cup asking the federation must surrender and TFF TFF club Trabzonspor must deliver the trophy ceremony. because it lived in the Turkish football match-fixing process and the events that nasty old club presidents Ali Sen started with Fenerbahce. this We saw in 1996 and lived with Ali Sen. however, then this is the technical follow-up and legal views are not as advanced as Ali Sen caught. But now that it's unfair championships from 2010-Fenerbahçe management technique should be followed up in 2011 disgrace in this day emerged. And the infamous Turkish football has been in the world. betrayed themselves that day but today is not catch thieves. Trabzonspor who deserves the trophy to give the next process is not only engaged in match-fixing and the action for Liverpool managers and manager must be removed from the sport altogether .

Trabzonspor shake up the agenda of the former president description" comments for.


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